FtL 28: Why Your Default Should Be "No" with Jon Nastor
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Jon Nastor is the guy behind a coupe of highly successful podcasts (Hack The Entrepreneur and The Showrunner) and over the past 3 years built a product called VelocityPage. One of the first products that allowed you to quickly create landing pages without knowing how to code.

VelocityPage was unique and made a huge splash on the market. Over time Jon’s plans changed. And that’s when the focus of VelocityPage began to fall apart, and what Jon and I discuss.

Here’s what Jon shares:

  • How Jon first came up with the idea to start VelocityPage.
  • What triggered the hard decision to close the business, even though he is still making sales.
  • Why he didn’t feel good about the fact people will were buying his product.
  • Why it was important for Jon to get Mark Jaquith as the lead developer, even though he didn’t know Mark at the time.
  • Why he said he didn’t put enough action into this business, and didn’t want to.
  • How the concept of “Hell Yeah!” drove the nail in the coffin before burying his business.
  • Why it’s important to be excited about what you’re doing.
  • Why he said he was throwing away good time, good energy, and money into the project and how it kept dragging him down.
  • How it’s hard for an entrepreneur to face the facts.
  • What Jon means when he said, “I want to scratch of my own itch.”
  • Why you have to default to “No,” rather than default to “Yes.”
  • Why Jon is turning down business opportunities he never thought he’d be offered.
  • How he came up with his next business idea and how he’s taking action on it now.
  • Jon also announced his next big project that is planned to go live in June. Which I think is a very cool idea.

Enjoy the show.

Download Jon’s tips in the 1-Page Quick Action Sheet for this episode here.

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