FtL 42: Cheap Pricing Disaster Shows You How To Raise Your Prices, And Keep Clients
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Joe Kashurba, from Agency Accelerator, manages 6 figure marketing budgets for some of the largest companies in their industry. Yet, it wasn’t always easy for him.

He started off as a web designer. That’s where he made his money. As he watched the rise of Squarespace, and other website building providers (aka websites for dummies), he decided to build a competitor.

Joe spent over a year of his time and money building and trying to sell this to local businesses. It was a disaster. But he learned a lot, and you will too. Because that’s what we talk about in today’s show.

Here’s what Joe and I discuss:

  • Why Joe thought creating the website builder was a good idea.
  • How he divided it up for unique niches.
  • Why he couldn’t give it away, even after building the sites for customers.
  • How his niching strategy was a poor plan, and what he would do different today.
  • Why he didn’t make the decision to quit when first realized it wasn’t working.
  • How he targeted the wrong type of customer who didn’t value what he was providing, and what you can learn from this.
  • The mistake he made building a product based on his perspective versus the experience of the customer.
  • Why he kept focusing on making it inexpensive, instead of building the value.
  • Why he resisted learning marketing and selling, and how everything changed once he understood the fundamentals.
  • How he takes what he’s learned and now helps businesses scale and grow their businesses online.
  • The challenges Joe faces while growing his agency.
  • How he deals with the client’s expectations to personally work with him when his team does much of the work.
  • Why he said the people who succeed are those who face their challenges and keep going.

Enjoy the show:

FtL 42: Cheap Pricing Disaster Shows You How To Raise Your Prices, And Keep Clients


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