FtL 13: What Would Happen If You Left Your Business To Travel For A Month?
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Today’s show is with Zephan Blaxberg. Zephan has had a fortunate career. He hasn’t been through the massive losses some of our guests have seen but he’s had his own issues he had to battle.

One day he decided to leave his business for a month and find out what would happen. What would happen to the business? What would happen to him?

Here’s what Zephan and I discuss:

  • How his successful video production company left him angry with most of his clients.
  • Why he kept working, even when he felt like everyone around him was living their life.
  • What motivated him to uproot everything, leave his successful business, and go to California.
  • How his motivation for money had him looking around his apartment for things to sell on eBay, even when he was financially safe.
  • The surprising thing his mother told him when he said he needed to go on his trip to California.
  • What happened to his business when he returned from his trip.
  • What he means when he said, “Who am I when you take everything away? I am everything when you take everything away.”
  • How he discovered what was truly important.
  • How he works the 80/20 principle.
  • Why he recommends Gary Keller’s book The ONE Thing.
  • Why it’s important for you to write down ideas as they come up.
  • How you can use your friends to figure out worthwhile ideas to pursue.
  • How to clear your head.
  • Why he feels like he’s still being held back with his video production business.

Enjoy the show.

View the post, all the links mentioned in the show, and get the 1-Page Quick Action Sheet here: What Would Happen If You Left Your Business To Travel For A Month?

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