FtL 21: How Ben Settle Paid The Cost To Be The Boss
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Ben Settle lays claim to being a lazy marketer. He says he spends about 10 to 15 minutes each day to send an email and then screws around the rest of the day.

I don’t think he has it that easy. But I’m sure he doesn’t work as hard as he has in the past.

If you don’t know the song reference in the title, it’s from a song that has one of the most beautiful beats in music: James Brown’s The Boss. It’s a line Ben mentions in our interview and a song he’s mentioned in his emails about the struggles he’s gone through to get where he is today.

I enjoyed this interview immensely. I learned some things about Ben’s business I hadn’t known before.

He’s built a nice little empire and it came from struggling to figure out where he could fit in. It seems like he was just selling stuff to try and make ends meet. He ultimately paid the cost through those failures and became the boss after finding a way to help people become better marketers with email.

You’ll enjoy this episode. Here’s what we discussed:

  • Why Ben wishes he had a stronger father presence as a kid.
  • Why he said the bum on the corner rattling a can and asking for change works harder than he does.
  • How Ben turned his box program into a monthly continuity program.
  • How Ben honed the art of quickly writing daily emails that convert to sales.
  • What happened when Google slapped Ben’s business and forced him to rethink everything.
  • How he worked his ass off so he could finally achieve his first goal and stop working for other people.
  • How he launched the Email Players newsletter.
  • What drove the immediate success of Email Players.
  • How writing daily emails makes writing novels much easier.
  • How copywriting saved Ben and changed his life.
  • Why he failed at MLM before he found copywriting, and why that’s important to you.
  • How a simple story in the book The 7 Lost Secrets of Success made him change everything.
  • The difference between face-to-face sales and selling via copywriting.
  • Why understanding your market is the critical piece you need when writing your sales letters.
  • Why asking the right questions is pivotal to sales and building your sales letter.
  • Why his friend, Doberman Dan, tried to talk him out of starting the Email Players newsletter.
  • Why a list that trusts you is the difference that makes the difference.
  • How emailing every day improves your position with your market.
  • Why Email Players instantly blew away the success of his previous newsletter.
  • Why a physical product triggers a dopamine drip in your customers.
  • Why you want your customers taking your products into the bathroom and the bedroom.
  • How Ben makes his decisions on what his next project will be now.
  • What Ben means when he said, “You just have to take care of your own stuff first, even if it’s frivolous.”
  • Why he thinks a lot of writers shouldn’t be writing.
  • Why he finds writing therapeutic.

Enjoy the show:

How Ben Settle Paid The Cost To Be The Boss

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