FtL 30: You Have To Be Prepared For Things To Go Wrong
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In this episode I get to speak with Amber Wright. Amber is a communication expert, public speaking coach, and award-winning adjunct professor in Communication Studies. That’s the short list of her professional credentials.

She knows a bit about the art of communication and public speaking. Yet she makes mistakes too. She opens up and shares a couple of stories where she struggled with things we can relate with.

Here’s what Amber and I discuss:

  • How technology almost ruined a relationship with someone she highly respected in her industry.
  • How she fixed it and was able to pull it off.
  • How she continued to make mistakes with that person and can laugh about it today.
  • Why she said you need to slow down and build contingency plans.
  • What she learned from her worst public speaking events.
  • The challenge she faced when speaking to a group of teenagers.
  • What happens when you make a mistake trying to understand your audience.
  • Why it’s important to develop strong communication skills.
  • Why public speaking doesn’t alway mean speaking in front of a group, and why public speaking is valuable to understand and learn.
  • Why it’s important to survey your audience.
  • Why you need to know your material.
  • What happens when you rely on technology.
  • The clothes dryer metaphor that made me laugh.
  • The struggle she is facing while scaling her business.
  • What she means by the term, “People enthusiast.”
  • What she means when she says to, “Reveal your humanity to people.”
  • Why she said your body is naturally afraid of public speaking because you lack the tools to reduce that anxiety.


Enjoy the show:

You Have To Be Prepared For Things To Go Wrong with Amber Wright

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