FtL 6: Jason Leister on How To Build Your Platform And Get Paid For Being You
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Jason Leister started his career as a classical musician (pipe organ) at the Eastman School of Music. While there he won one of the most prestigious organ competitions in the country at age 19. He's brought the always practicing mindset to his career as a copywriter and business coach.

After 10 minute phone call with a client, he found himself fired from a $100,000+ contract wondering what to do. And what Jason's learned from that has continued to evolve over time. Listen to the show and discover:

  • Why Jason used to love the saying, "Clients suck!"
  • How his view of clients matured from adversaries, to partners, to his teachers.
  • Why he writes a daily email, what he's learned from it, and how it builds his business.
  • What it means when you have clients who haggle over fees or push your buttons.
  • What Jason means when he says you can solve your problems indirectly by solving other people's problems.
  • How most of your business problems stem from you, and what you can do to begin fixing the problems.
  • Why your process to achieve your goal is more important than the goal.
  • How to build your platform to attract valuable clients you want to work with.
  • What Jason thinks is entrepreneurial heresy.
  • How to make yourself more valuable, so you’re no longer viewed as a commodity.
  • Why your clients will pay you because you're you.
  • Why Jason asks, "How can I multiply the lives that I’m impacting, and still fit that into the lifesyle that I want?" And how that can help you.
  • How Jason defines success and how he does everything he can to live it, despite what other people think.

Download the show's 1-Page Quick Action sheet and get a quick, easy to implement summary of all the tips Jason shared.

Enjoy the show.

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