FtL 7: Mike Vardy Shares How To Be More Productive And Build Habits As Your Business Evolves
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Mike Vardy is The Productivityist. He is a productivity expert and coach. His business has been changing. During the process he hit some roadblocks.

In our conversation he shares what he learned as he had to stop and check in at each of the roadblocks. What you'll get in this show:

  • Why Mike thinks January is a silly time to start your new year.
  • How he chose his pricing model.
  • Whether it's better to say, "I have to..." or "I need to..."
  • What happened when he received a reply from an upset customer.
  • How he went through the decision to change his email marketing.
  • How Mike themes his days and how that helps batch his work.
  • Why he has a "learning day" and why he knows it will make him a better leader, a better business person, and hone his awareness so he stays on the right path.
  • How he uses his 3 words each year as his framework for the year.
  • The business lessons he's learned from Costco.
  • Why he said, "The pursuit of perfection is idiotic. Excellence is what we strive for. One way to be excellent is to be nimble."
  • The importance to build boundaries when you want to change habits.
  • How to set up boundaries that work so you don’t have to battle with your willpower.
  • How Mike structures his day so he maintains willpower throughout the entire day.
  • Why Mike says "Less stuff, better."
  • How to structure your environment to keep your energy peaked.
  • The importance of consistency.
  • Mike's simple tips to create habits.
  • Why you want to use your task manager to manage your tasks, not your calendar, when starting new habits.
  • The questions to ask your self when your not sticking to your new habits.

Download the show's 1-Page Quick Action sheet and get a quick, easy to implement summary of all the tips Mike shared.

Enjoy the show.

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