FtL 37: Want To Grow Your Service Business? Document Your Procedures Now with Carey Green
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Starting a service business wasn’t the first thing on Carey Green’s mind. He had been a pastor for the last 20 years but he felt a calling towards a different path.

Carey left his church and wondered what he was going to do. He pursued ideas that went nowhere fast. He was editing a friend’s podcast and his friend said, “Why don’t you turn this into a business?”

And he did.

In 2013 he started Podcast FastTrack and has nurtured it into a profitable service business. But, shortly after starting he had his doubts. And that’s what we talk about in today’s show.

Here’s what Carey and I discuss:

  • How his friend convinced him to start a podcast editing business.
  • How his quick growth led to simple mistakes, and how you can avoid these mistakes.
  • What happened when he received an email from an unhappy client.
  • How that took a toll on Carey and made him doubt he was doing the right thing.
  • What happened when Carey began doubting he could make it as an entrepreneur.
  • Why you need to have procedures and systems in place for everything.
  • How checklists are always better than what’s in your head.
  • Why Carey said, “It was all on my shoulders, as it is for all solopreneurs, and you think you’re doing well until somebody on the receiving end tells you you’re not.”
  • How his virtual team communicates and keeps all their procedures in place.
  • What tools they use to document all their systems.
  • How Carey titles procedure documents to make it easy of everyone on the team to quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • How his background as a pastor relates to running a business. And why he didn’t see that relationship immediately.
  • How he views the exchange of money for value, and why you want to provide more value than the money exchanged.
  • How he couldn’t find a job that would allow him to keep his home, and how that drove him to succeed.
  • Why it’s important to have a supporting spouse at home.
  • How his wife supported him when he was faced with doubt.
  • Why Carey believes, "It’s much easier to keep a good client, and add much more value that they’re willing to give you money for, than it is to go out and find a new client.
  • Why he still struggles to work in the business while growing the business.
  • The process he set up to find the best employees and/or contractors.
  • How you can get a prospective employees to self-eliminate and discover if there’s synergy between you.
  • Why he’s glad he started his business, despite the constant advice from others to find a job instead.

Enjoy the show:

FtL 37: Want To Grow Your Service Business? Document Your Procedures Now with Carey Green

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