FtL 14: Facebook Advertising Genius, After Learning Some Brutal Truths About Life And Business
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Facebook Advertising Genius After Learning Some Brutal Truths About Life And Business

Nicholas Kusmich runs a highly successful Facebook marketing agency/consulting business. It wasn’t like this a few years ago.

Nicholas was lucky. He hit success when he was young. He was a top salesperson for Cutco knives. He moved to selling investments from the stage and earning a living that was the envy of his friends. Then he found out the investments he was selling weren’t above board (which is a nice way to say they weren’t legal).

And things didn’t just start going downhill. It’s like he was thrown from a cliff. And, that’s what we start discussing in this show.

What else is in this episode?

  • What people said to him after finding out what he sold was illegal?
  • Why he left his father’s side in the hospital, the day his dad had a heart attack, so he could go sell from the stage.
  • Why he kept defending the “investment” company when he first found out things weren’t right.
  • How he realized, “Your reputation is all you have.”
  • The conflict he grappled with because the money was so tempting. He was afraid to leave.
  • Why he said significance and certainty play a big role in people’s lives.
  • How he continued to lose money with each business idea he saw online and in network marketing.
  • Why he said you find out who are your friends when things turn bad.
  • The 3 things that kept driving him to these bad business ideas, and kept driving him deeper in debt.
  • How he keeps his “greed gland” in check before making decisions.
  • How he understands his weaknesses and makes contingencies for them.
  • How his priorities have changed and how that makes business better.
  • Why Facebook ads are failing for old-school, direct marketers and how he makes them work.
  • How to approach Facebook ads as a social channel.
  • How to think about the people reading your ads.
  • What is “infobesity?”
  • The importance of “just in time” learning.

Enjoy the show.

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