FtL 31: How Keenan Learned What's Not Taught, Through Trial And Error
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Keenan went through a lot before he found success as A Sales Guy. He’s a great example of persistence in light of disasters after disaster. He had one collapse after another, falling like dominoes in a line.

Each attempt was great. They were brilliant ideas. They just didn’t take root, despite the amount of work and effort put into them.

Keenan share his stories in today’s show. He talks about what happened and how he’s glad he went through each of these flops. As he told me, he has no regrets.

Here’s what Keenan and I discuss:

  • How he came up with his first product that he sold via infomercials.
  • Why he didn’t understand the industry he was selling this product to.
  • Why he received a cease and desist letter from Anthony Robbins.
  • How the product sold like crazy, and had refund requests almost just as fast.
  • How he started his first “dot com” business, CreateBuzz, in 2003. It was a social network and content aggregator wrapped together.
  • Despite the success in some areas, he couldn’t get it to grow as intended.
  • How some communities were more social and quicker to grow than others.
  • Why he still loves the idea of CreateBuzz and wishes he could keep it going.
  • Why you need to do a little research before running headfirst into a business idea.
  • How he started asalesguy.com to build his resume, and how it accidentally turned into his big success.
  • Why he’s building another software product, this time to solve his problems.
  • Why he still struggles with procrastination and spontaneity.
  • How he came up with the idea for Not Taught.

Enjoy the show:

How Keenan Learned What's Not Taught, Through Trial And Error

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