FtL 45: The Challenges Don’t Go Away, They Just Get Different with Anthony Lee
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At an early age, Anthony Lee was told he wouldn’t make anything of himself. He grew up in a poor family and was taught a poor kid from lower-middle class Alabama couldn’t rise up.

Unlike most, he found a way to lift himself out. He worked hard, struggled, and built a business, selling his products through Amazon.

In this episode of FailToLearn we talk about Anthony’s struggles and how they helped him get where he is today.

What Anthony and I discuss:

  • How Anthony was looking for a way to make money and get more from life.
  • How he started trading commodities, and why it didn’t work for him.
  • Why he wanted to use his trading skills to get a job at a big firm.
  • How he practiced and made imaginary trades to test his skills.
  • What he went through to open his first brokerage account.
  • How quickly he lost his entire savings trading, and what happened after.
  • Why he wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.
  • Why he doesn’t compare trading in the market to gambling, even after losing everything.
  • How Anthony view networking, and why it’s important to you.
  • Why he changed his idea of success and was ready to settle for a job, until he came across copywriting.
  • Why Anthony finds copywriting a critical skill.
  • How he started importing products from China to sell on Amazon.
  • How much credit card debt he piled up to start his import business, and his wife’s reaction when she found out.
  • What he did when he realized how easy it is to sell on Amazon.
  • How he got started selling on Amazon, and what he would do different today, if he was starting today.
  • Why he said anyone with a physical store should be selling on Amazon.
  • How Anthony is working to scale and sell his products in physical stores.
  • How the fear of failure doesn’t go away.
  • How he realized he could repeat his system.
  • Why people who are entrepreneurial will always be entrepreneurial.

Enjoy the show:

The Challenges Don’t Go Away, They Just Get Different with Anthony Lee

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