Dec 2, 2021
Wingtorn: Arrest – Chapter 12 – Book 3
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Fifteen Years Ago

“Your reputation proceeds you, Riklar Dheediannil,” Kentinough said, with deliberate emphasis and care taken to pronounce the name just so. “I’ve read of your many…deeds. Your rank was lieutenant? Er, sciacath, if I’m not mistaken?”

“My rank,” said Riklar Dheediannil coolly, “is scialeir criona. I was in the queen’s inner circle.”

“Ah.” Kentinough slid his gaze to Fingal with a small smile. His mistake had been deliberate.

Damn the security, damn the airgid, Fingal thought. He should have run with Riona when they had the chance. He hoped beyond hope that the girl would not give in to her natural curiosity and remain in her room. He hoped none of these courtly fae ran off to find the girl, if they knew she was hiding here…

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