Jul 18, 2019
Wingtorn: Arrival – Chapter 13 – Book 1
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In Chapter 13, In the past, Fingal receives an unusual visitor. No one listens to Riona. Fingal learns a devastating truth.
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Chapter 13

Fifteen Years Ago

Fingal was back in the palace. It was Freedom Day, the evening they’d stormed the castle in the capital. Mist swirled at his feet. That wasn’t there before. He looked around the empty stone corridor for the sciacath he’d knocked unconscious. The mist had nearly hidden the floor. His weapons were gone, and he wasn’t wearing the fae uniform: he was in his fighter clothes, the clothes he’d worn when he was travelling within Azara Forest to Cantlyn, with the children they’d rescued. That was only a day or two ago at most.

Wait, that didn’t make sense, wasn’t he in the palace to rescue the children…?

“Fingal Morpleth.”

Her voice—the fae queen’s voice—gripped him as it had before, kept him in place as she buzzed around him, circling like a bee to the flower. She hovered in front of him, grinning with her sharp dagger teeth, her eyes wide and terrifying….

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