Every Sing
Every Sing
Nov 13, 2018
ES045 Your True Self, Welcome Home w/ Peter Jacobson Total Vocal Freedom
Play • 30 min
Peter Jacobson joins host Nancy Bos to open your mind to possibilities about your body that can help you realize potential you might not of even been aware of through the Alexander Technique.   Peter is the Founder and Executive Director of Total Vocal Freedom. He is an AmSAT-certified Alexander Technique teacher, he is also a singer, multi-instrumentalist, conductor, and teacher.   The goal at Total Vocal Freedom is Empowering singers to be totally free in their vocal expression. Peter talks about the Total Vocal Freedom Academy - a way to go deep with the Alexander Technique w/o committing to the massive level of becoming a certified teacher.  There are 2 upcoming retreats he offers, (winter retreat in Virginia from Jan 2-6, 2019 and the summer retreat from July 9-13, 2019),   Your body is not a taxi for your brain - your body is incredible. Know your body.    Contact info: totalvocalfreedom.com  and facebook page, blog, mailing list, weekly classes and training program, and more. Message Peter through the Facebook page.   Look into the Total Vocal Freedom Pro course, and all of the other things they offer like The Academy, the Phoenix Project for the Ageless Singer, TVF Plus, and the blog.    Consider the role of singing in your life. Is it helping you right a wrong or to act out of compassion to fulfill a deep need? Are you finding balance in your pursuit? Are you looking for other options? Check out the back episodes of this podcast for inspiration and guidance.   Thanks to Ken Feisel of Ken Feisel design for the gorgeous podcast cover art.    on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1711090705861666/
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