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Aug 1, 2017
002 Every Sing: Dr. Matthew Schloneger on Voice Dosimetry
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Dr Matthew Schloneger is the 2017 winner of the Van Lawrence Fellowship. He is a tenor and a professional singer. He got into voice science while doing his doctoral work in voice pedagogy at the University of Kansas. Through his doctoral work he got into an area of research called voice dosimetry. Voice Dosimetry has to do with vocal health and how we use our voices. Dr. Schloneger is a voice teacher at Friends University in Wichita Kansas.    Take Aways: Matt is really passionate about helping young singers develop in a strong, healthy way.   Voice dosimetry is the study of how we use our voices using real-time technological feedback in a natural setting.  The point of voice dosimetery (and we are still in the early stages of learning from this technology) is to learn about how we can best use and train our voices.   If you are an aspiring singer, be attentive to your overall voice use and remember that you have only one larynx. Vocal hygiene and voice care are essential to your success as a singer, and that includes both good speaking habits and how much you  use your voice overall. If you have an intensive singing week coming up, you may need to think about avoiding loud environments where you will speak a lot at loud volumes(yes, I mean raging parties). If you are preparing a major role or a recital, you need to practice regularly and methodically in order to build up your stamina. Treat your voice with respect, and it will treat you well!   contact: mattschloneger@gmail.com   Every Sing on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1711090705861666/   Every Sing on Twitter: @Every_Sing_Pod   Nancy's website: NancyBos.net


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