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Every Sing
Feb 26, 2018
ES031 What Is Your Place in Singing w/ Nancy Bos
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In Every Sing I talk to people who devote their lives to singers and singing, from the performers themselves to anyone who works behind the scenes in singing related fields. In Every Sing, we explore a wide variety of career options and passions. If you are looking for a way to make a career around singing, or to find inspiration for your own journey, you will find it here.  If you are new to this podcast, check out the back episodes. You’ll find interviews with famous singers, giants in the field of voice science and voice pedagogy, a peak performance coach, audio engineer, event producer and more. And today’s episode is a lot different than others. Today I am going solo talking about lessons learned from the amazing people I’ve gotten to talk with in the first 30 episodes of Every Sing, combined with my own perspective on careers around singing.   First I want to give a shout out to my listeners around the world! You probably guessed I’m in the US - or maybe I’ve made it obvious that I’m in Seattle. There are hundreds of listeners in the Us and there are dozens of listeners in Canada. But I want to give shout out to the listeners in the places I didn’t expect; Chile, Peru, Ghana, South Africa, Ireland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Austria, the UAE, Iran!, China, Bangladesh, Cambodia, South Korea, Plus there’s more I’m not naming! and New Zeland. New Zeland! You have an especially strong presence!  Thanks for finding me!   If you have Facebook in your country, please connect with me there through Every Sing Podcast. If not, email me at nancy@studiobos.com   Finally, before I get started on this episode, there is one listener I want to call out - who ever is listening in Hunedoara, Romania, I’m excited! I will be in Sibiu, Romania in September and I would LOVE to connect.    If anyone else wants to connect - especially if you want me to travel to your place - I’m all ears! I love to travel, to share my passion for this field, and I’m a really human who loves to connect with other real humans!   Alright, lets get started on this topic.    I want to talk to you about singing, singing related careers, and a mindset for singers.    Coming from a place of being a singer who’s personality type does not fit the goals and requirements of living the life of a performer   Coming from a place of teaching hundreds of people who loved to sing and didn’t know where their place is in singing   Coming from a place of watching a gen  eration of my students go from hopeful, would-be professional singers as teen agers, to sometimes completely disparate careers, and sometimes professional careers.   Coming from a place of a podcaster who is talking to other singers about their careers.   About singing, the first question is, what’s the point - why do we sing and what do we expect will happen when we sing.   About singing related careers - this is where my curiosity is leading me these days. For this section, I reference my book, The Teen Girl’s Singing Guide, available on Amazon.   And finally, a mindset for singers   I want to share so fun news - I was accepted as a member of the recording academy today. That’s the group that hosts the Grammy’s. But even more than that, they support education, especially careers for musicians. So you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about how I can contribute to the work they are doing.   Thank you so much for joining me. I’m always available to talk about issues that come up in the podcast. You can find me on Linked In, Twitter, and reluctantly, on Instagram.  Facebook is a great place for us to talk - look for the Every Sing podcast.   Join the Every Sing podcast group on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/1711090705861666/    Every Sing on Twitter: @Every_Sing_Pod   Nancy’s website: NancyBos.net   Support this podcast through a small monthly donation and receive great rewards at https://www.patreon.com/everysing   Podcast Cover Art by Ken Feisel at kenfeiseldesign.com
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