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EventHubs Podcast
Feb 24, 2021
Have the mighty fallen? We discuss how nerfs and V-Shift might affect Street Fighter 5's Seth, Akuma, Urien, M. Bison, and Rashid in Season 5
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We've been intensely exploring Street Fighter 5's latest transformation since its launch, and have some new revelations about how V-Shift will affect the meta. We also discuss how effective we feel the nerfs to five of the game's strongest characters will be, plus Dakota "DarkHorse" Hills joins us to talk about his experiences with Guilty Gear Strive's addictive beta, and even offers a quality of life tip to help make traversing the awful lobby system a little less hellacious.

Timestamps 00:58 - DarkHorse's Guilty Gear Strive beta impressions, netcode = fantastic 03:15 - GGS online vs. SF5 online 06:14 - The game feels "hefty" while you play; comparisons to previous GG titles 12:40 - Strive is simpler, but is it trading fun for simplicity, or can you have both? 15:18 - That damn lobby system... but also one quality of life tip to make finding matches easier 21:48 - Shifts in Street Fighter 5's meta thanks to V-Shift 38:02 - M. Bison: what's changed? 49:48 - Akuma: what's changed? 01:02:05 - Urien: what's changed? 01:12:25 - Rashid: what's changed? 01:18:55 - Seth: what's changed?

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