How to Target Multiple Cities Without Hurting Your SEO - #500!
39 min

Done right, city pages can be an integral part of your local SEO strategy. Here's how to target and optimize them for local search. Why Is Local SEO Important? Local SEO Attracts Foot Traffic Local SEO Ranks You Higher on Google Ready to Target Local SEO? Your business is open and running, and you’re ready to bring in those loyal customers. But as you optimize your website, a few questions remain. To create or not to create city pages? Is it worthwhile to spend time on your site for local SEO? The truth is, local SEO can work wonders for you. But you need to do it correctly so it helps, rather than hurts, your site. Having 1st aired in 2009, with over 3.6 million downloads in 100+ counties, “SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing” has become one of the longest running and most authoritative podcasts for staying ahead of the perpetually changing digital marketing landscape. For those new to the podcast, choose a past topic among the vast library of almost 500 episodes of all topics related to internet marketing: SEO, PPC, Email Automation, social media marketing and more.. Great for marketers, business owners and agencies from the novice to experienced in using the internet to market and grow a brand!
I Love Marketing
I Love Marketing
Joe Polish and Dean Jackson
Who Not How: The Formula For Achieving Bigger Goals With Dan Sullivan, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, Joe Polish, and Dean Jackson - I Love Marketing Episode #385
Achieving bigger and better goals doesn’t have to mean more work, more stress, or even more knowledge to get it done. Listen in as Ben Hardy, Dan Sullivan, and Joe Polish share a simple formula to skyrocket your success. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Ben, Dan, and Joe in this episode: * The fastest way to make your visionary goals happen WITHOUT having to know “How” to make them happen. * The story behind the creation of Dan and Ben’s new book, "Who Not How?" * What you can do to make sure every working relationship you have is productive, simple, and fun. * The two Entrepreneurial attitudes you need to increase your capabilities and your confidence. * How to focus on your greatest passions, experience extreme flow and creativity, and get effortless results. * Dan reveals the most important collaboration in his life and Business and WHY it works so well. * The most common mistakes people make when trying to collaborate with other people (and what to do instead). * Why “Who Not How” is one of the fastest, most effective methods for getting BIGGER, BETTER RESULTS. * Dan talks about the connection between focusing on “Unique Ability” and finding the right WHOs. * Take THIS action if you’re doing work you DON’T like but you want to HAVE MORE FREEDOM. * How to do more of what you love, access almost any capability, and make your goals happen faster. * The courage of committing to your “Unique Ability” (and how it makes your life 10x better). * Why Entrepreneurs are motivated by “Freedom” and how it can lead you to your PURPOSE.
1 hr 35 min
Business of eCommerce
Business of eCommerce
Charles Palleschi
Using Pinterest to Increase eCommerce Sales (E150)
Alisa MeredithPinterest Product Specialist At Tailwind Sponsors: Drip – Get a free demo of Drip using this coupon code!Spark Shipping – Dropshipping Automation Software Notes: 2x3 ratio for photoThe title does the hard workText on the image is important#3 search engineBoard - Relevant title & descriptionMatch Product Categories from the shopping cartFind other ways to appeal to peopleNot about the followers, more about engagementUse Audience InsightsSecret Boards - Be Consistent97% of searches are unbranded - What's trendingStory PinConsumed on PinterestNo link to the websiteIn beta, must Apply Links: https://tailwindapp.com Transcript: Charles (00:00): In this episode of the business of eCommerce. I talk with Alisa Meredith about using Pinterest to increase e-commerce sales. This is the business e-commerce episode 150. [inaudible] Welcome to the business. E-Commerce the show. It helps e-commerce retailers start launch and grow their e-commerce business. I'm your host, Charles [inaudible] and I'm here today with Alisa Meredith. Elisa is the Pinterest product specialist and marketing manager at tailwind. She's a speaker and teacher of topics, Pinterest marketing and Pinterest ads. On this interview, we go really deep into using Pinterest to generate more traffic and orders for our e-commerce business. She has a ton of insights that I didn't know about Pinterest, who are super interesting. You'll see me during the interview, taking a lot of notes. A lot of these topics are things that were very new to me. She gets into a lot of new things as well on how to find new topics. Charles (01:03): So you can create new boards, almost like Pinterest SEL, which I didn't know, something you could do. Also some new features like story pins, she talks about and re and really some Pinterest for different retailers that were very surprising on who can actually use Pinterest. She reframes it in a very different way that I think a lot of people would find helpful. So let's go into the show and if you like it, we have a like subscribe and hopefully this helps you. Thanks. So, Hey Alyssa, how are you doing today? I'm doing great. How about yourself? Doing good? I love it. I love the topic. We haven't talked about this actually ever. I mean right now, like, you know, you hear Instagram all the time, Facebook, but you don't hear Pinterest coming up as much. And I think it lends itself though, to certain types of products I think are really like the per, like the Pinterest products. So first when you say kind of Pinterest, is it Pinterest marketing, would you call it a Pinterest? Like how would you even describe using Pinterest? Alisa (02:07): Totally Pinterest marketing. So just like Instagram marketing, Facebook marketing, any other kinds of marketing, it's, it's a different beast. But has some of the similar benefits and this year has been as you know, unusual Charles (02:23): To say the least. Yeah, exactly. Alisa (02:26): But it has been really reflected in Pinterest and the way that people are using it. So for example they're up to 442 million monthly active users, which is up 20% in just six months, which is enormous for them. Yeah. And the number of people buying. So the conversions on Pinterest are, are up three X since the start of the year. So there's a tremendous potential for sales growth from Pinterest. And so I'm excited to talk about it. Charles (02:58): So you'll saying the number of people buying, when you say buying, are they people buying them on Pinterest or is it, are you tracking people that came from Pinterest and bought directly on like the shopping cart side? Right. It's Alisa (03:11): From Pinterest to your site? Yep. Okay. Charles (03:14): So a attribution.
43 min
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