The Unity Logos
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January 2011by Lisa Renee Dear Family, Happy New Year to all of our Light Families! As we leap forward into the 2011 year - we are in the beginning of an evolutionary time cycle of which several sequential intersection points merge that connect our planetary body to the Cosmic level of the Unity Source Code intelligence field. This Unity Source Code field is the 'Jacob's Ladder' to God, made like our human DNA double helix, this gateway has been patiently built upon each vertical side however waiting for the 'fusion' process that allows each DNA 'step' to plug in horizontally at each of the ladder's dimensional levels. 'Unity' or Sacred Marriage with God Source (aka wearing the 'Wedded Garment of Christ') is what allows this fusion process to occur. The implication of this ongoing cosmic event ranges to such a huge impact on life on our planet that there are no words to encompass them all. Suffice to say that life and the 'afterlife' for all human beings living on this planet will never be the same! The Cosmic Sovereign Law of the Unity Logos architecture will intersect with the planetary body and its Logos, beginning this year. We will describe more about the importance of what a 'Logos' means, as it is the governing body that controls the 'station of identity' ( term describing an entity's perception of self) for any creational form. In other words, it is the 'Law' governing the form.
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