A PROVEN PLAN for Results & Life Fulfillment
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The best gameplan for results in your work and life, is dependent on how solid your God-Plan is for building a personal relationship with God.


We need to get used to expecting the unexpected. Unexpected adverse circumstances (aka. crisis & challenges) are going to happen…it’s a guarantee. When it comes to dealing with these adversities…How we respond will determine our results.


Much of success and fulfillment is related not so much on what you do at the mountaintop of life but how you manage the valleys of adversity.


We are pretty good at setting goals for the different areas in our lives where we want to see results.

We then set a gameplan in order to hit the goal.

However, it’s not uncommon that an unexpected adverse outcome/crisis/challenge will force you to change the gameplan. (i.e. covid pandemic, job loss, decreased business, relationships challenges, etc.)

And how you respond to that crisis and challenge will determine your results:

  • Responses to unexpected crisis/challenge that ruin our future results consist of:
    • Panic
    • Fear
    • Lack of Action/Stuck
    • Depression
    • Focusing on the problem
    • Negativity


However, a God-plan can handle ANY challenge and adverse outcome…PERIOD!! You don’t have to change the God-Plan!


Gameplans change. Godplans don’t. Godplans work when gameplans won’t.

Your gameplan for results, should be a GodPlan for relationship.



What is a God plan?

  • A personal plan to build a strong relationship with God
    • A schedule to spend time in prayer
    • A Bible plan
  • The more you practice a plan for God, the more God can share his plan for you!


Why a God-plan?

  1. God-Plan establishes the right belief that leads to the results you desire.
    • Belief -> Thoughts -> Feelings -> Behaviors -> Results
      • Defines your TRUE identity: You cannot outperform your self-perception
      • Example: If you drive a Ferrari but believe you have the equivalent of a Ford Focus, then you won’t get out of the Ferrari it’s true potential. Therefore, you cannot outperform how you perceive who you are or what you have.
  1. God-Plan provides confidence to have more faith than fear
    1. Isaiah 41:10: “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”
  2. God-Plan provides redemption
    1. Turns past wrong into right; Past pain into future purpose; past trial into triumph
      1. Genesis says what the enemy meant for evil God turns into good
      2. God is the ONLY way our permanent poor past, can be changed into future purpose and triumph
  • Example: Despite my past pain and bad decisions in marriage, fatherhood, career, finances, and business…God continues to redeem prior poor decisions into future good.
  1. God-Plan helps you avoid getting stuck & helps you take ACCURATE action!
    1. It is a fact that what you focus on expands. Therefore, if you focus on your problems and stuckness, it will get bigger. However, a God-Plan will help you focus on God and his Power in you…and HE gets BIGGER!!
      1. Example: When golfing, it is taught not to focus on the trees or sand traps, because you’ll hit them. Instead, focus on the fairway and you will be more successful.
    2. God-Plan provides fulfillment
      1. Fact: We cannot have true sustaining fulfillment outside of God…he’s our creator. Therefore, closer connection with Him will make you whole and fill your cup. Outside of relationship with God, lasting & sustainable fulfillment cannot happen
      2. God plan allows us to get our personal cup FULL, and then FILL the cups of others. Therefore, we become FUL-FILLED. But we can’t do it with an empty cup. We need relationship with God to fill our cup.


So, what is your God plan? What are you going to do to ensure that you build a consistent relationship with God so that no matter the circumstance…you can still see results because of how you respond to crisis?


If you need help, book a 1:1 Discovery Call with me at https://drbradmd.com


Talk to you soon,

Dr. Brad

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