30 - Chef Jason Arbusto visits Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, VA
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In a fun conversation today, meet Chef Jason Arbusto, a world- traveler, wanna-be dancer, visionary, cook, experimenter and mastermind. He has trained under the best chefs in Paris, Monaco and Las Vegas and has brought his specialized cooking style back home in Virginia after working abroad in France for more than 8 years. He is currently the Culinary Director at Craddock Terry Hotel including the award-winning Shoemaker’s Restaurant and Waterstone Pizza in Lynchburg. A man of grit and vision, Jason's culinary creativity has taken him high up above in the competitive world of cooking today.

You may visualize a dairy farm to be a stinky, tattered, dirty place one doesn’t look forward to stepping into. That vision is set aside when you visit Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, Virginia to find it was all bluff imagination. Yes! Listen in as Jason expounds on this multi-generational family farm and the phenomenal pampering and care given to their dairy cows in this clean environment.

Also, take a tour of the wonderful places Jason has lived and worked as he describes the fulfilling journey he's made out of life - and discover just how accessible this path may be to you, too. 


  • Jason shares his upbringing on the Cape [2:13] 
  • He was awestruck on his visit to a creamery and says, "I swear the daycare my daughter went to for a while was not as clean as that.” [5:29] 
  • On choosing this career for his absolute love for food and travel [16:15] 
  • "When you're young and you're stupid, you'll do almost anything." Jason shares his quick and crazy decision to move to France soon after graduation. [17:41] 
  • Learning French in an airplane! [18:37] 
  • Jason describes Lynchburg’s moniker as the number one city for Millennials. He shares digging himself into the cool community and working with a local slaughterhouse there (their beef tenderloin was blind taste tested for the Presidential Inaugural dinner!). [24:24] 
  • Jason answers some fun and quick questions from Andy during the infamous EATYALL Lightning Round. [29:00] 
  • Finally, the all-worthy reasons Jason calls his dad his "role-model". [30:09] 

Reference Links: 

The Dairy Alliance: https://thedairyalliance.com/  

Richlands Dairy Farm: http://richlandscreamery.com/  

Find Family Farms: 

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Connect with Jason: 

Websites: http://jasonarbusto.com/  




Twitter: https://twitter.com/arbustojason/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jasonarbusto/


Connect with Us: 



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The EATYALL Podcast is hosted by Andy Chapman, Chief Relationship Officer and founder of EATYALL. EATYALL helps food farmers and artisan food makers connect to chefs and consumers who are looking for better ingredients.

EATYALL is the creator and host of EATYALL Chef Camps, an immersive, overnight experience for professional chefs who want to learn more about where their ingredients come from, want to discover new, better ingredients and rejuvenate in a collaborative environment with other like-minded chefs.

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