Grow Talk 1121: LED Lighting Help, Good Vs. Bad Bugs, How The Cold Affects Your Plants
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The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out Live And Waking And Baking And Answering Your Grow Talk Questions Like Help Picking A Good LED Light For Your 3x3 Tent To Grow The Best Cannabis You Can, How To Tell Good Vs. Bad Bugs And How To Keep The Good Ones Alive, How The Cold Affects Your Cannabis Plants & More On Todays Episode Of Grow Talk LIVE

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Jordan River
Early US Hydro Stores, Auto Watering in Regenerative Ag, and More, with Michael from Sustainable Village
Long time cannabis industry insider and automatic watering specialist Michael from joins the podcast to talk about the deep roots of Sustainable Village, auto watering cannabis gardens, and more. Michael talks about the incredible origins of Sustainable Village, starting as a Northern California staple health food and farm store in the future cannabis hub city of Garberville. Michael talks about the many offerings that Sustainable Village has, which leads to a conversation about the BluMat autowatering system. Michael talks about the benefits and limits of automated watering, specifically when using a simple gravity fed system and pressure sensing dispersion unit like the BluMat. He also gives his thoughts on using more organic, less sterile nutrients in automated feed lines- and shares some general tips when it comes to keeping your automated watering system clean, maintained, and functional. is offering 5% off for my listeners only until the end of Feb! Use code growcast at and save 5% off your entire order!--- ---Proud partners of the Heart and Soil Project, incorporating beautiful landraces into our modern cannabis genepool. Follow @heartandsoilproject on IG for all their incredible offerings!--- ---Proud partners of AC Infinity Fans, the industry leaders in ventilation! Visit and use promo code growcast15 for 15% off your fans! Quiet, smart, durable and trustworthy- get an AC Infinity fan today!
38 min
The Pot Cast
The Pot Cast
Heavy Dayze
Episode 52 ft Chris of Compound Genetics
As with every episode, we are very grateful for our guest Chris of Compound Genetics taking the time to talk to us today about all things compound, the modern hype market, colabs with cookies AND runts as well as some personal predictions for the future. We are aware that this episode is a little bit of a different experience for listeners and its good to remind ourselves that everyone is different and not everybody reacts the same when put in front of a microphone - excited, nervous, etc. We are incredibly grateful for having had Chris on the show and for sharing his knowledge with us and I appreciate our fan base showing him the respect and support he deserves for putting himself out there by doing this episode. However the show could not happen without our fantastic sponsors helping to make it happen! Please go check them out, support and buy from them it helps them to support us and keep the show happening! Seeds Here Now - Best in the business in the game, head on over now to - to score your seeds today! Koppert Biological Systems - Check out Koppert Biological Systems, they are based all over the place and have amazing beneficial predators that will help keep your gardens pests under control. They also stock a great range of microbial products designed to fight off those nasty soil borne diseases & more! Organic Gardening Solutions - Best in the organics game down under. Hit them up for the highest quality amendments and soil. BIG LOVE to our friends at Top Shelf Seed Bank & Dragonfly Earth Medicine ! ( + Finally, our patreon fans ( is the major lifeblood of the show and it COULDN'T happen without them. please consider subscribing!
1 hr 43 min
The Adam Dunn Show
The Adam Dunn Show
The Adam Dunn Show
TADS011521 - Adam Dunn Show 01 - 15 - 21
***MTi FUCKED UP I lost the 1st 2 mins of audio because of a gaffe instudio, Sorry guys - MTi*** We have so much going on this week we needed 2 flyers first we have special guest MONTEL WILLIAMS Emmy Award-winning television personality, actor, and a veteran activist whose decorated military service spanned 22 years in two branches of the service. Montel will joining Dave and I to discuss amongst other things his advocacy for cannabis and specifically CBD which he has been using to help treat his own health conditions for over 20 years , how cannabis reform can help get people off “Harmecuticals” we will be going down that rabbit hole and may more In the first half of the show, also we will have ROBERT PLATSHORN AKA “BOBBY TUNA” author,pitchman,activist Robert was America's longest (30 yrs) imprisoned non-violent marijuana offender. Since his release in 2008 Robert has written 2 books ‘BLACK TUNA DIARIES and GREED and EVIL. Robert and his crew were responsible for MOST of the cannabis coming into Florida in the mid/late 70 coming in from Colombia, according to Attorney General at the time Griffin Bell. We will delve into those old but good stories and also talk about his tour called the where he helps senior citizens learn the benefits of medical cannabis he has made a tv show Called “ Should grandma smoke pot?” ....uh yes. Looking forward To sitting down with Bob and also lastly but not leastly Multiple cup winning Rhory Gould from Arborside will be right there with us he gonna fill us in on what he’s been up to and also the new Black Tuna cultivar that will be available at all Trulieve dispensaries in Fla All in all a packed show brought to you by @Iluminarlighting and @therealseedsherenow #montelwilliams #blacktuna #arborside #Seedsherenow #iluminarlighting #sagemastaselect #dunndeal #chatgang
3 hr 57 min
One Year No Beer | Hack your healthy Lifestyle
One Year No Beer | Hack your healthy Lifestyle
Ruari Fairbairns & Andy Ramage
Sharing the Alcohol-Free Journey: Johnny Johnson | OYNB 109
One Year No Beer is about something much bigger than changing an individual’s relationship with alcohol. It’s about changing society’s relationship with alcohol. And often, when one person makes a significant change, they find a way to share that change with a broader group of people. That’s what today’s guest did. In today’s episode, Johnny Johnson discusses the drinking culture that he was a part of. He didn’t consider himself an alcoholic or think of his drinking as anything over the top – it was just normal. It was normal to go out for drinks on weeknights with colleagues and go out on the weekends with old school friends. It was normal to work through hangovers. It was normal to spend Sundays recovering so that the cycle could start over again with the next work week. “I looked back at my life and I started thinking, I'm just on this hamster wheel and I'm not enjoying life.” Johnny decided after his wedding that he was tired of this version of normal – tired of having hangovers, tired of worrying about what he might have done and forgotten about while he was drinking. So, he decided to give up alcohol for a while, then decided to join One Year No Beer so that he could experience the support of a community during his journey. But that’s not where Johnny’s story stops. He found himself telling friends and family about going alcohol-free because he was excited about it. And because he still wanted to go out and join in social activities, he also started exploring alcohol-free drinks. Johnny did find some nonalcoholic beers that he liked, but most venues carried big brands that he didn’t care for as much. Rather than giving up, Johnny was inspired by the situation. He decided to create his own alcohol-free beer. His goal was to get it into pubs and restaurants so that when he and other people like him went out, they could order an alcohol-free beer that they liked and were proud to be seen drinking. In today’s episode, Johnny discusses his journey with alcohol, his foray into nonalcoholic brewing, and his experiences with the One Year No Beer community. Listen in to learn how Johnny managed to create a healthy nonalcoholic beer and to pick up a promo code that will give OYNB members a discount on Johnny’s alcohol-free beer. LINKS & RESOURCES OYNB LINKS OYNB MasterMind Program: OYNB Website: OYNB Facebook Page: OYNB Facebook Group: OYNB Twitter: OYNB Instagram: JOHNNY JOHNSON’S LINKS UNLTD Beer:
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