How You Can Keep Your Weed Danker For Longer With Drew From Boveda
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The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking And Talking About How To Cure & Dry Your Weed Best To Be Able To Store It Long Term & Preserve Your Terpenes & Cannabis With Drew From Boveda & More On Todays Special Episode Of Grow Talk

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Jordan River
Reshaping Farmland, IPM, and More, with Joaquin from Jack Greens Garden Products
Show favorite Joaquin from is back on the program! Today he's on the line to discuss the extraordinary collaborations he's recently taken on, including reshaping a plot of land using regenerative agriculture with the goal of creating a lush poly-crop regenerative cannabis farm. Joaquin also talks about how he makes his wonderful products including his Jack's Bug B Gone, and he also talks about why he likes the way this particular IPM application works. Joaquin goes on to talk about the work he is doing translating valuable regenerative agriculture resources into the Spanish language, the worldwide impact he's hoping to make by bringing digestible regenerative agriculture knowledge to Spanish speaking countries around the world! ---Proud partners of AC Infinity Fans, the industry leaders in ventilation! Visit and use promo code growcast15 for 15% off your fans! Quiet, smart, durable and trustworthy- get an AC Infinity fan today! ---Proud partners of Delta Leaf Labs affordable, fast sex testing! STOP wasting time sexing! Visit and use promo code growcast for free shipping- AND Delta Leaf is giving away 10 free tests to two code users!!!--- ---Proud partners of Jack Green's Natural Garden Products, natural IPM solutions, soil conditioners and more! code GCLISTENER for 25% off---
40 min
The Pot Cast
The Pot Cast
Heavy Dayze
Episode 52 ft Chris of Compound Genetics
As with every episode, we are very grateful for our guest Chris of Compound Genetics taking the time to talk to us today about all things compound, the modern hype market, colabs with cookies AND runts as well as some personal predictions for the future. We are aware that this episode is a little bit of a different experience for listeners and its good to remind ourselves that everyone is different and not everybody reacts the same when put in front of a microphone - excited, nervous, etc. We are incredibly grateful for having had Chris on the show and for sharing his knowledge with us and I appreciate our fan base showing him the respect and support he deserves for putting himself out there by doing this episode. However the show could not happen without our fantastic sponsors helping to make it happen! Please go check them out, support and buy from them it helps them to support us and keep the show happening! Seeds Here Now - Best in the business in the game, head on over now to - to score your seeds today! Koppert Biological Systems - Check out Koppert Biological Systems, they are based all over the place and have amazing beneficial predators that will help keep your gardens pests under control. They also stock a great range of microbial products designed to fight off those nasty soil borne diseases & more! Organic Gardening Solutions - Best in the organics game down under. Hit them up for the highest quality amendments and soil. BIG LOVE to our friends at Top Shelf Seed Bank & Dragonfly Earth Medicine ! ( + Finally, our patreon fans ( is the major lifeblood of the show and it COULDN'T happen without them. please consider subscribing!
1 hr 43 min
Brave New Weed
Brave New Weed
OffScrip Media
Episode 98 - New Year, New Thought: Cannabis As A Gateway Drug to Health
For years cannabis was slammed as a "gateway" to harder drugs. Dr. Dave Gordon begs to differ. After 20 years of treating people with medical cannabis he tells us how it can be used as a gateway to better health and habits.  In the prohibitionist rhetoric of yore, cannabis was maligned as a “gateway drug,” meaning that it led users down the path to stronger and more “dangerous drugs,” cocaine or heroin or god forbid, psychedelics. As with much prohibitionist bunk there was never any evidence to this contention, but that never stopped our friends in law enforcement or politics from rehashing it for the next four decades. It hasn’t stopped them yet, even with reams of evidence showing exactly the opposite. The truth, of course, lies elsewhere: millions of people know that cannabis can be a gateway to improved health and wellness. It can help slow down our speeding world and enable people to change consciousness with far fewer deleterious effects than our legally sanctioned inebriant, alcohol. It can help us pay attention to the subtler things in life and in our own bodies. And it can certainly help us contend with the stress of everyday life.  But cannabis can also be a gateway to other healthful benefits. “Knowing the history of cannabis prohibition can be a gateway to educating people about the long, terrible history of systemic racism in our country, and its profound impact on social inequality. Understanding the endocannabinoid system can be a gateway toward viewing disease in a wholistic systems approach, rather than the siloed model we’re taught where each disease is a problem with a single “system.” Once people slow down and really check in with themselves and their bodies, they might be able to do that with other things -- what they eat, how much they’ve slept, the amount of time they spend on their screens...It can be a gateway to better habits without cannabis.” The last paragraph is from a conversation I had with this week’s guest, Dr. Dave Gordon, a functional medicine physician in Denver, Colorado and a passionate advocate and educator whose 20 years of medical practice has brought him to the radical idea that “cannabis is a gateway substance in the truly modern sense.” I highly suggest you listen as we say good riddance to 2020 and welcome this new year that brings with it new and much needed hope.  Footnote: Dr. Dave serves on the advisory board of Leaf 411, the fantastic free nursing hotline that educates and supports the general public about the safe use of cannabis. Click the link to learn more about this great, big hearted, service. This episode of Brave New Weed podcast is made possible with the support of Bar Capital. Bar Capital is a different class of investment firm. Their purpose is to help cannabis become as common and culturally accepted as aspirin or alcohol. Bar Cap invests in, advises, and helps raise capital for companies and fund managers operating in the cannabis space. They back entities that are innovative, audacious, and have great leadership. Bar Cap believes now is the time for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, and Institutions to consider cannabis as an essential piece of an alternative investment portfolio. If you are looking to raise funding or are an accredited investor that would like to learn more about investing in the cannabis space, please visit and connect. You’ll also find the full regulatory disclosures and risk disclaimers on their website. Each member of Bar Capital is a Registered Representative and offers securities through Stonehaven, LLC a Member of FINRA/SIPC.
1 hr 3 min
A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World
A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World
Anya Kaats
#76 Reimagining Judaism & Integrating Ancient Practices into Modern Day Spirituality with Shulie Hersh
Shulie Hersh is a graduate of the Academy for Jewish Religion, and a Cantor for the Beth Sholom Congregation in Frederick, MD. Shulie and I went to High School together, and reconnected for the first time on this episode. We speak about what it was like for Shulie growing up with a father who was a Rabbi and how it felt being "the Jewish girl" in our High School. We deconstruct Judaism as both a religion and a culture and discuss the nature of ancestral Jewish trauma. We speak about how we can incorporate traditional practices of all kinds into our lives, but also evolve them to suit our modern day values. And Shulie also explains how Judaism encourages us to question & struggle with faith, how the Jewish calendar can help connect us to nature, and how being angry and processing grief has always been a crucial component Judaism throughout history and into the present. Send Shulie an Email - Shulie's book recommendations: The Jewish Book of Days by Jill Hammer Songs featured: "Opening" by Jamie Sieber and "Avinu Malkeinu" by Barbara Streisand Interested in participating in my first Lunar Cycle Intensive? Send me an email to reserve your spot: How to support the show: Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes! Support my work on Patreon and get access to perks like exclusive WhatsApp group chats, a book club just for patrons, shirts + stickers, playlists, and curated workshops led by Patrons and former guests of the podcast. Visit my website - & Find me on Instagram
2 hr 8 min
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