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#8 Denise Lott No. 9 Essentials | Essential Oil Blends
May 20, 2020 · 28 min
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We have more information about our blends and the causes we support. We have some great bundles and have a special promotion for your No More Meds community. They can use the code LEARNING2HEAL10 for a 10% discount at

Denise Lott, wife for 21 years, soccer mom to 3 teenage boys, volunteer as a coach for girls basketball, yearbook adviser, and run 2 home businesses.

I was referred to your office by a friend at a time when I was searching for a new chiropractor. I had near-constant nerve pain through my right shoulder and into my right arm. I was ready to consider surgery to stop the pain. Of all the chiropractic treatments I have had in my life, I had never had anyone scan me to determine if I actually needed to be adjusted.

After only a few weeks, the nerve pain began to ease and within just a few months was gone altogether, aside from flare-ups. The biggest change for me in what made the whole gut health click for me was with my oldest son. When we first came to your clinic he had a very compromised immune system because of taking antibiotics every year for strep infections for the 3 years prior.

They seemed to get worse every year. The first round under your care was rough because he was struggling with all of the symptoms. But we stuck to the regiment and get him over it without antibiotics. The next year he still got sick but not as bad. This year he didn’t get strep at all!

No. 9 Essentials apothecary blends are my go-to for essential oil blends. This is a line we have collaborated on to take the trial and error out of using essential oils. When I first started using oils I felt like I was creating a chemistry lab in my basement, and I thought there has to be a better way to do this and really, nobody else should have to go through the process if we have blends that we know work.

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