Don't Die Wisconsin
DON'T DIE Wisconsin
Don't Die Wisconsin is a podcast focusing on the Heroin and Opioid epidemic facing our state and the country. Join Counselor Kevin Schaefer, Counselor Patrick Reilly and resident junkie Ryan Gorman as they tackle a range of issues in regards to active use, recovery, despair, and hope. This podcast is in no way intended for diagnosing addiction or to be used as a program of recovery. Please consult a professional when you are ready for help. Also, Kevin, Patrick and Ryan want to warn you of the sometimes graphic content surrounding drug use. If you are easily triggered by discussions about drug use this isn't the podcast for you. The Don't Die name is used with permission from Bob Forrest's Don't Die Podcast. We do not represent any treatment facility or 12 step recovery program.
Don't Die Wisconsin
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