Brain Boosting Habits
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What can you do to prevent memory lapses, having brain fog, or losing your memory? Turns out quite a bit. Many believe that those “senior moments” are a normal sign of aging, but they are not and certainly don’t have to happen. Listen in as we share brain boosting habits that you can start using today!

Plant Proof -  Evidence based nutrition
Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition
Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories
Can holistic grazing reverse climate change? A review of Kiss the Ground
In *Episode 111 *I sit down with Environmental Researcher Nicholas Carter to discuss claims made in the Kiss the Ground documentary that was released on Netflix a few weeks ago. *Specifically we cover:* * The claims made by the documentary around reversal of climate change * Pro's and Con's of the solutions put forward by the documentary * Holistic grazing and carbon sequestration * Alan Savory and science * Importance of conservation and restoration of forests * Grasslands versus forests for carbon sequestration * What a shift to holistic grazing would mean for diets globally * The evidence based way for individuals to lower their food based environmental footprint * and much more *Resources:* * FCRN Grazed and Confused Report * Paul Hawken's Drawdown Review solutions - Sort by impact and you will see Plant-Rich diets are in the top 4 of all solutions in both scenario 1 and scenario 2 that they put forward. * Maria Nordborg's review of Holistic Grazing and Alan Savory's claims * Tim Searchinger's paper on land use * Matthew Hayek's paper on what a shift from factory farmed cows to grazing cows means for beef supply * Database of environmental science articles on food and planetary health compiled by Dr Tushar Mehta and Nicholas Carter * An expansive article I wrote on our food system and climate change *Book:* My book is coming out early 2021 published with Penguin - I cannot wait to share with you. In the lead up the launch I am going to share information about the title, cover, ways to win a copy, live event dates, free e-books etc. Register your email here so I can keep you up to date. *Want to support the show?* The single best way you can support the show is by leaving a review on Apple podcast app - it only takes a few minutes and would be much appreciated. *Simon Hill, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist * Creator of - a free resource for plant based nutrition information
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Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Essentially You: Empowering You On Your Health & Wellness Journey With Safe, Natural & Effective Solutions
Dr. Mariza Snyder
234: How to Stop the Menopause Madness! w/ Dr. Kyrin Dunston
If You Are Sick and Tired of Menopause Madness, You Can: * Stop abdicating your health over to your practitioner and start taking your health into your own hands * Get to the root cause of the things that aren’t working as properly as they used too * Find solutions for your specific situation as quickly as possible so that you can reverse your menopause symptoms * Be vigilant about finding the answers that you deserve and paying attention to what your body is telling you Over 50 million women in the US are currently going through menopause, yet there is still a huge taboo and confusion around this transition in every woman's life. Society has taught us to fear menopause, but in reality, it can be one of the best chapters of your life if you understand how to support your body through it. Dismissing Menopause Myths With Dr. Kyrin Dunston Dr. Kyrin Dunston is a retired OB-GYN who discovered the toolbox of functional medicine and has never looked back. Through functional medicine, Dr. Kyrin lost 100 pounds and healed herself from chronic illness and menopause madness through a root-cause approach to health. If you want to live a wonderful, healthy, vibrant, sexy, intelligent, stable menopause, Dr. Kyrin’s advice is invaluable. Your Symptoms Are a Sign of Something Bigger Symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, gut health, muscle mass, and bone density are all examples of ways that your body talks to you. It is important to pay attention to how you think and feel to get to the root causes of your symptoms. A rash or an ‘off day’ are often signs of something deep down as we enter perimenopause and menopause, and it's only by understanding how your body is communicating with you that you can correct your symptoms and embrace menopause with ease and grace. Why We Need To Stop the Menopause Madness Drugs and surgery are not the only way to get a grip on your menopause symptoms and heal yourself from the inside out. It is possible to feel at home in your skin again, look and feel great, and do what you want in life when you can connect the dots and be vigilant about advocating for your own health. When you can get to the root cause of what is really going on, it is totally possible to thrive during your 40’s, 50’s and beyond. It is time to shift your outlook and start embracing what menopause can be for each and every one of us. Who do you know that could benefit from some help in drowning out the menopause madness and getting to the real talk about what your body is trying to tell you? Share this with them and let me know what menopause myth was busted for you by Dr. Kyrin in the comments section of the episode page. Quotes: “I am enjoying menopause, I feel better than I ever have. And there are just so many women that are suffering needlessly because their doctors aren’t giving them the answers.” (8:58) “We want to blame everything on menopause, but the truth is that most of the symptoms you are having at menopause are because of these root causes that you weren’t aware of because your doctor doesn’t know to address them.” (16:54) “You need to become empowered with the knowledge and understand all of this yourself. You cannot abdicate control of your health to the medical professionals because they don’t know what they don’t know, and there is so much that they don’t know, that what they don’t help you with can hurt you.” (28:28) “Our world being a better place requires menopausal women to feel fabulous, so they can each bring their own unique gift.” (29:05) “My simplistic philosophy is, bad stuff out, good stuff in, balance everything. That is the basic overview.” (44:50) “Your body talks to you in symptoms, so learning how to decipher the symptoms with somebody who is skilled at decoding the language of the body really will serve you better in the long run because then you are going to get to the cause of that symptom.” (50:40) In This Episode * What is menopause madness and how you can address your root causes (11:30) * Addressing the disconnection between perimenopause, insulin levels, estrogen dominance, and more (18:40) * The importance of knowing your numbers and which hormones you should be checking on (26:10) * The most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and what you can do about it (32:04) * Discover number one foundational step that can help you get the needle moving on your health (40:24) Resources Mentioned: Register for Dr. Kyrin's free Stop the Menopause Madness Summit Dr. Kyrin Dunston Website Follow Dr. Kyrin on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Related Episodes: Episode 233: Debunking Menopause Myths Once and For All Episode 174: How to Be a Menopause Boss - 4 Steps To Thriving In Menopause with Dr. Kyrin Dunston Other Resources: Check out the full show notes page Keep up with everything Dr. Mariza Follow Dr. Mariza on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube Podcast production & marketing support by the team at Counterweight Creative
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Intermittent Fasting Stories
Intermittent Fasting Stories
Gin Stephens
Jerry Nelson
In this episode of Intermittent Fasting Stories, Gin talks to Jerry Nelson of Floresville, TX. This episode is brought to you by Green Chef and Audible!  Green Chef is a USDA certified organic company that makes eating well easy and affordable with plans to fit every kind of lifestyle. Go to and use the code ifstories80 to get $80 off across 4 boxes, including free shipping on your first box.  Audible is the leading provider of spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks, ranging from best sellers, to celebrity memoirs, news, business, and self-development. To try Audible for free and get your free audiobook, visit or text ifstories to 500-500. Jerry is a Postmaster for the United States Postal Service. He was always tall and big as a kid, and he played football in high school. He joined the military out of college, and had to lose almost 50 pounds in order to be accepted. This began a vicious cycle of intense exercise, weight loss, injury, then weight gain. While serving, Jerry crushed both his back and skull, and in recovery gained all the weight back. With the steroids he was prescribed and the all-day snacking, he eventually climbed to 470 pounds. Finally, in 2001, Jerry had gastric bypass surgery. He says, "It saved my life." He lost almost 300 pounds in a year and a half.  As a result of this massive weight loss, he was able to run marathons, averaging 100 miles a week! He was eating 7-8 small meals throughout the day, and over the next 13-14 years, his weight gradually crept back up to 370 pounds. Jerry says he felt like a failure: "I have everything else under control, how come I can't control my weight?"  In April of 2017, Jerry needed knee replacement surgery, but the surgeon told him he must lose weight first, sharing intermittent fasting with him. Jerry read The Obesity Code then Delay, Don't Deny. He began with 16:8, moving to 20:4. He did OMAD, (One Meal A Day) and has lost around 162 pounds now weighing 205 pounds. The advice Jerry would give to new IFers: "Have a plan. Give IF time. You didn't get here overnight. Forgive yourself. Don't be dogmatic. Change it around, and don't get complacent." Get Gin’s books, including her latest New York Times Bestseller, Fast. Feast. Repeat., available wherever you buy books! Share your intermittent fasting stories with Gin: Follow Gin on Twitter @gin_stephens Follow Gin on Instagram @GinStephens Connect with Gin on Facebook: _ Listen to Gin on the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast: Intermittent Fasting Stories on iTunes
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Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Broken Brain with Dhru Purohit
Dhru Purohit, Dr. Mark Hyman
#160: Getting to the Root of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Dr. Soyona Rafatjah
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a widely-diagnosed, yet often misunderstood condition that affects approximately 60 million Americans. IBS is characterized by abdominal pain, discomfort, and changes in bowel habits, and is diagnosed when IBD or celiac disease have been ruled out. In other words, IBS is a “diagnosis of exclusion.” The range of symptoms, poorly defined pathogenesis, and functional nature of IBS make it a notoriously difficult disorder to treat. Because there is no widely recognized cause of IBS in the mainstream medical community, standard treatment is based primarily on symptom suppression and management.    On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host Dhru talks to Dr. Soyona Rafatjah, a board-certified Family Medicine physician and Medical Director and Co-Founder of PrimeHealth in Denver, CO.  PrimeHealth is a team of medical providers and health coaches that provides full-spectrum Functional Medicine and primary care, with an emphasis in treatment and reversal of hypothyroidism and irritable bowel syndrome. Prior to starting PrimeHealth, she was a physician at Parsley Health in New York City, a technology-forward Functional Medicine practice where she was integral to its rapid growth. Dr. Rafatjah worked and received expert mentorship at the renowned Mount Sinai Beth Israel Center for Health and Healing, Dr. Frank Lipman’s Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, and Dr. Robert Rountree’s Boulder Wellcare. In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Rafatjah dive deep into the topic of IBS. They discuss the difference between the conventional medicine approach versus the Functional Medicine approach when it comes to testing and treatment options for IBS. They also talk about the importance of identifying food intolerances, and the benefits of a low-FODMAP diet which can significantly reduce the severity of IBS symptoms.   In this episode, we dive into:    -Testing for IBS (9:29) -SIBO and the real problem with having the wrong bacteria in the small intestine (17:15) -The carnivore diet for treating IBS (23:17) -Common foods that trigger IBS (27:42)  -The relationship between stress and IBS (38:21) -What you can do today to improve your overall gut health (41:57)  -Where to learn more about Dr. Rafatjah (50:31) For more on Dr. Rafatjah you can follow her on Instagram @primehealth_denver, on Facebook @primehealthdenver, and through her website Also mentioned in this episode: -Gut Healing Course - Use code: BROKENBRAIN to receive 50% off. -Dr. Saladino and The Carnivore Diet - For more on Dhru Purohit, be sure to follow him on Instagram @dhrupurohit, on Facebook @dhruxpurohit, on Twitter @dhrupurohit, and on YouTube @dhrupurohit. You can also text Dhru at (302) 200-5643 or click here Interested in joining Dhru’s Broken Brain Podcast Facebook Community? Submit your request to join here: This episode is brought to you by the Pegan Shake. How you start your morning sets the tone for the day. I’m a huge fan of morning routines, because I think they can transform your ability to focus, sleep well, and get the most out of your day, especially in this busy, modern world.  What I’ve found is that the best way to begin your day is to feed your body the right information or the right nutrients. That’s why Dr. Mark Hyman and I created the Pegan Shake. It’s a nutritionally packed morning blend designed to support healthy blood sugar, energy, and brain power.   It contains some of my most favorite brain boosting foods like MCT and avocado. It also features acacia fiber for healthy gut function and collagen, pumpkin, and pea protein to support muscle synthesis. Check it out at See for privacy and opt-out information.
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The Ultimate Health Podcast
The Ultimate Health Podcast
Jesse Chappus
374: Dr. Jud Brewer - The Craving Mind, Finding Joy In Meditation, Overcoming Addictions
Dr. Jud Brewer “Dr. Jud” (@judbrewer) is a thought leader in the field of habit change and the “science of self-mastery”. He's a psychiatrist and internationally known expert in mindfulness training for addictions. Dr. Jud is the Director of Research and Innovation at the Mindfulness Center and an associate professor at Brown University. He has developed and tested novel mindfulness programs for habit change, including both in-person and app-based treatments for smoking, emotional eating, and anxiety. Dr. Jud is the author of The Craving Mind: From Cigarettes to Smartphones to Love – Why We Get Hooked and How We Can Break Bad Habits. In this episode, we discuss: * As humans, we learn the same as sea slugs * The connection between stress and IBS * Learning breath awareness meditation * What happens to our brains when we meditate? * What is the default mode network (DMN)? * The definition of addiction * Social media can be just as addictive as drugs * The abstinence violation effect * Does willpower exist? * How to change reward value behavior * Using mindfulness as the bigger better offer (BBO) * Curiosity feels better than a craving * Changing the habit loop * The art of Loving-Kindness Meditation * The role of the posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) * Letting go with psychedelic therapy * Dr. Jud’s experience at a silent meditation retreat * Finding joy in meditation * Moments of mindfulness throughout the day * Using mindfulness to break a bad habit * Staying curious Show sponsors: BLUblox <== 15% off the world's most advanced blue light glasses Perfect Keto <== 20% off all Perfect Keto products (free shipping in the US) Sunwarrior <== 20% off all Sunwarrior products (free shipping on orders over $50) Organifi <== 20% off all Organifi products Related links: Dr. Jud Brewer - The Craving Mind (book) Dr. Jud Brewer's website Follow Dr. Jud Brewer on Facebook and Twitter Jon Kabat Zinn – Full Catastrophe Living (book) Breathe by Dr. Jud (app) Unwinding Anxiety (app) Eat Right Now (app) Craving To Quit! (app) QuitGuide (app) Meditation experience is associated with differences in default mode network activity and connectivity (article) Quitting starts in the brain (article) Neural correlates of the psychedelic state as determined by fMRI studies with psilocybin (article) Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D Mihaly Csikszentmihaly - Flow (book) Headspace (app) Oak - Meditation & Breathing (app) Jewel - Never Broken (book) Related episodes: 319: Eric Zimmer – Overcoming Addiction, Maintaining Community, Broadening Your Perspective 286: Cal Newport – Digital Minimalism • Create Time For Solitude • Stop Socializing On Social Media 259: Dr. Gabor Maté – Trauma, Addiction, & The Use Of Psychedelics 238: Tara Mackey – WILD Habits • Natural Ways To Calm Your Anxiety • Approaching Gratitude Differently 105: Sharon Salzberg – Real Happiness: The Power Of Meditation Note: Some of the links above are affiliate links. Making a purchase through these links won't cost you anything but we will receive a small commission. This is an easy, free way of supporting the podcast. Thank you! How can you support our podcast? 1. Apple users, please subscribe and review our show on Apple Podcasts, we make sure to read them all. Android users, be sure to subscribe to our show on Google Podcasts. Subscribers never miss any of the action ;) 2. Tell a friend about The Ultimate Health Podcast. They will surely thank you later. You can use the envelope button below to email a friend or tell them about TUHP in person. 3. Join TUHP Facebook community (FREE). This is where we all stay in touch and ask questions in between episodes. Join our community. 4. Follow our adventures on our favourite social media platform, Instagram. 5. Download The Ultimate Health Podcast app (FREE). This way you'll have our whole library of episodes right at your fingertips. Download our iOS/Apple app or our Android app. 6. Share using the buttons below. Thank you!
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The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee
The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee
Physicians Committee
Diet Myths 3: Frozen Fruit, Coconut Oil, Tea and Coffee, Raw All-Fruit Diet
Popular diet myths are explored as Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Jim Loomis return to separate fact from fiction to take your health to the next level! They join “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll to tackle the nutrition myths submitted by Exam Room listeners! Among the questions answered: * Is it true that freezing fruit lowers its nutritional value? * Are “testosterone foods” real and can you build muscle without them? * Can a fruit-based raw vegan diet be healthy? * Is it true that people with diabetes shouldn’t drink tea or coffee? * People say coconut oil is good for you, but it’s loaded with fat! So, is it or isn’t it healthy? * And many more! If you have a question you’d like the doctors to answer, tweet it to @ChuckCarrollWLC using #ExamRoomLive. Dr. Neal Barnard’s Tackling Diabetes Series Register: — — — Diabetes Resources — — — Chuck Carroll Twitter: @ChuckCarrollWLC IG: @ChuckCarrollWLC Facebook: — — — Dr. Neal Barnard Twitter: @drnealbarnard IG: @drnealbarnard Facebook: — — — Dr. Jim Loomis IG: @jfloomismd Game Changers: — — — Physicians Committee Twitter: @PCRM IG: @PhysiciansCommittee Facebook: YouTube: — — — Barnard Medical Center Telemedicine Schedule Appointment 202-527-7500 — — — Share the Show Please subscribe and give the show a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or many other podcast providers. Don’t forget to share it with a friend for inspiration!
45 min
The Whole View
The Whole View
Stacy Toth and Sarah Ballantyne
Episode 426: Updates and News From Us!
The Whole View, Episode 426: Updates and News From Us! Welcome back to episode 426 of the Whole View. (0:34) Stacy tells us due to the density of the last few episodes, this time, she and Sarah are going to take a step back, catch up, and give updates after those super wonderful, super long, super informative last few podcasts. Sarah found that pulling the research together for last week's Covid-19 show and summarizing it was emotionally draining. And she's sure it was pretty draining to listen to as well since there weren't very many rays of sunshine in it. Sarah and Stacy decided to do an updates and check-in style show where they have an opportunity to talk about all the little things that are hard to fit into the bigger meaty topic. Sarah decides to start things off by sharing a bit of feedback on some of the more recent shows. Stacy jokes that she's shocked Sarah wants to share positive feedback, saying it's something they never do! Feedback on Episode #424 Stacy shares that a part of her feels a little guilt over doing things like this. (2:28) But she wants to remind listeners (and herself) that it's super important to be aware of and listen to the positive feedback you get in life. So many times, we focus on the negative things that we hear or think about ourselves. It's important to support and encourage ourselves. Stacy does remind the audience that while she and Sarah love the positive feedback, it doesn't drive the show topics. When fans of the show reach out with comments and/or engage with others about the show, it means the world. And encourages her (and Sarah) to continue to do the work that they do. Stacy takes a moment to thank everyone and reminds us all that it's okay to take a moment to feel good abound yourself. Sarah segues into sharing this comment: Sophia says, "This is not an inquiry, more of a comment for show #424. I love love love episodes like this one. I easily eat 30+ various fruit and vegetables a week. The produce bill is very high and we have little to no waste, we eat and use all the vegetables! My main comment is don't forget the sea vegetables like seaweed! I love tossing kombu, arame or wakame into soups and stews. I'll use sushi wrap nori like in a lettuce wrap around stir fried zucchinis and baked fish. My husband is not as much of a fan of seaweed as I am but i still find ways to add it to my food after meal prep. Thanks again for your show, I've been listening for years and still love and appreciate every show." More Thoughts on Fruits and Vegetables Stacy comments that she's sure there are hundreds of vegetables that were missed in that show. She agrees that the category of sea-vegetables is such a good one. And she loves to add them as a sea-salt to a lot of her foods. One of Sarah's staples at her house is every flavor of sea-snacks. For her, Seaweed is a "I feel like something salty" go-to snack in her pantry. She adds that the great thing about that episode is that they could miss a ton of easy-to-find fruits and vegetables. And yet they were still able to list 75-80 different kinds by the end. She also shares how wonderful it was to see that the intended message of "it's okay, you got this, it's not that scary" is what people go out of it. Stacy shares she also received a lot of comments from people who were similar to her: they were scared by that number at first but then went back and realized they were closer than they originally thought. Stacy mentions also seeing a lot from people who don't have a ton of time, or they're overwhelmed with picky-eaters, or they're not sure where to start. She mentions a recent blog post where she outlined every dinner her family ate over 2 weeks and included links to recipes. This alone got her family up to around 26 for those two weeks, not including breakfast, lunch, or snacks. Both Sarah and Stacy thank Sophia for adding yet another thing to the ever0-growing list of things people can do to add a number onto that list. Feedback on Episode #421 This next comment comes from a viewer in regards to Episode #421: Body Image. (10:51) Ashley says, "I just wanted to write and say thank you for using they/them pronouns so easily when talking about Dr. Lindo Bacon on your most recent episode. I have a transgender child and it means so much to me to hear how inclusive your speech was. You ladies are simply amazing all around. Thank you for everything you do!" More Thoughts on Pronouns Stacy shares that this is very kind for Ashley to say, but she feels that it needs to be expected. When Sarah did the research and found Dr. Lindo Bacon, it was something Sarah was very passionate about. And it mattered to Stacy how important it was to Sarah. Stacy feels that that is the intent of the show; to care about the health and wellness of everyone. And if they're not respectful of certain groups of people, how can they expect that group to be well. Sarah explains while doing her research, she noted that Dr. Lindo Bacon listed their pronouns as "they/them/their" in their "about" page. She made sure to note it on her and Stacy's outlines because respect and listening to others is something they talk a lot about in this show. Sarah feels that using the pronouns another person uses to identify themselves is a basic show of respect. To be gender-aware and inclusive is a really important thing to do in our society today. Sarah also shares she works hard to pass that respect onto her children, so they understand just because something is more common doesn't mean that it's the only thing that's normal. Stacy also reminds us that if we do make a mistake and use the wrong word, it's okay. It's okay to be corrected, apologize, and learn. We don't always realize when we're making assumptions. It doesn't make us bad people. Feedback on Episode #419 In this episode, Stacy and Sarah talked about how corn is a gut superfood. Stacy expresses how touched she is at hearing this! Thank you, Donna! Checking In With Sarah's Updates Stacy checks in with Sarah. Sarah comments that the overall theme for 2020 seems to require pretty continuous adaptation. She adds that rolling with the punches, for her, is easier some days than it is others. Her puppy is now at the age where she can hang out and doesn't need undivided attention all waking hours, allowing Sarah to dig into bigger projects. The reason Sarah does things like this podcast is because her brain is happiest when she's feeding it with information and research. The Coronavirus Pandemic ended up putting a major pause on Sarah's book about the gut microbiome. She decided to put everything into two ebooks: The Gut Health Guidebook and The Gut Health Cookbook. She didn't want everyone to have to wait for this long-format information, so she dropped everything to reorganize the project. Now, she's working on wrapping up the last few topics and developing a new plan for publication. Sarah is also preparing the next AIP lecture series on January 18th, 2021. The cart is now open, and there will be Early Bird Pricing until November 1st, 2020. The plan currently is to teach one session next year. Sarah is also offering diversity and inclusion scholarships this year. Information on those scholarships can be found right on the main landing page for the course. Stacy thanks Sarah for taking what they talk about and implementing change. Sarah jokes that she's a huge planner and how 2020 made it very hard to follow her planned-out trajectory. It feels good to get back to where she started the year off and get the information out there on the gut microbiome. Checking In With Stacy's Updates Stacy touches on the Covid updates from last week and how that's impacted her emotionally. She is still home with the kids, and that it doesn't look like they'll be going back to school any time soon. She jokes that she's flip-flopped roles with Matt, who used to be a stay-at-home dad for much of her boys…
52 min
Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast
Samantha Gladish: Online Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach and Hormone Fixer-
126: Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Three Times - Strategies, Healing and the Resiliency of Your Mind and Body
How do you bounce back from getting diagnosed with breast cancer three times? Founder of CanPrev Tanya Salituro shares her inspiring story of healing from breast cancer and how she started her company. You can find all the info and links about this episode at Topics Discussed in this Episode: * Tanya’s journey of surviving breast cancer * The factors that might be contributing to cancer * How to get rid of excess estrogen in your body * Detoxifying * Cancer prevention strategies * The 4 most important contributors to health Key Takeaways: * The body can bounce back in so many ways. * If the cancer is hormonal-related and estrogen-dominant, you’ll need to get rid of the excess estrogen in your body. * It’s your liver that helps you get rid of excess hormones in your body. * The current statistics show that one in eight women will get diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. But men can also get breast cancer. * A study shows that if you get into nature and smell the forest, your body gets an immune boost. * The 4 most important contributors to health: * Nutrition * Happiness * Exercise * Sleep * Health is physical, and health is mental. Physical health is only half of how healthy you are. The whole other side of health is how healthy is your mind, your emotions, your soul. Action Steps: * Work with your doctors. Stand up for yourself and make sure you’re heard by them. Make sure all your questions get answered. * Support your liver. * Don’t let breast cancer sneak up on you. Try for early detection by taking control of your breasts. Make sure you’re checking them every month. When you’re suspicious of something, go to your doctor. Tanya said: “We have to be optimistic. We have to believe in ourselves and believe in our body’s ability to heal.” “Generally, you’ve got to take your health into your own hands. Take your breasts, literally, into your own hands… I want every woman out there to know it’s so important. Don’t be afraid. Just Dive in there and learn your body.” “If you can accept that change is inevitable and you don’t fight your reality and you make the best of your situation -- and if you can even make yourself smile and laugh a little bit through it, then you’ve learned a powerful lesson.” Thanks for listening! Important Announcements: Join our Healthy Hormones Monthly Recipe Club for $9 a month! Not only do you get the meal plan but also the Pumpkin Recipe Ebook and the Thanksgiving Guide. Don’t forget to connect with me over on Instagram, @holisticwellnessfoodie. Let me know if there’s anything you’d love for me to expand on. It would also mean so much if you would leave us a rating or a review at any podcast platform that you’re listening to us on. Links to things I talk about in the show: * Interested in learning more about my ALIGN & LEAD BUSINESS MENTORSHIP Program? Email me at * Join me in my FREE Holistic Business Collective FaceBook Group for weekly business and marketing trainings * Save 15% off ALL Organifi products at Check out Organifi Immune to help support your body during the cold and flu season. Use code HEALTHYHORMONES for your 15% savings * Save 20% off ALL Alitura Naturals SkinCare at The Clay Mask is the BEST!! * Save 20% off Energybits Spirulina and Chlorella at Use code - HEALTHYHORMONES * Save 15% storewide on LeesTea and LeesGhee (the one chai is my absolute fav!). Use code HEALTHYHORMONES * Check out CANPREV products across Canadian Health Food Stores and online at - I personally LOVE their MYCO10 and Collagen powder. They are great to add to smoothies and elixirs. Where you can find Tanya and CANPREV: CanPrev’s Instagram (@canprev) CanPrev’s Website: CanPrev’s Facebook CanPrev Women Tanya’s Email ( Where you can find me: Samantha’s Facebook Samantha’s Instagram Samantha’s Website Samantha’s Twitter Healthy Hormones for Women Podcast Private Community on Facebook How you can work with me: * 6-Week Healthy Hormones for Women Intensive - Get 60% off when you enroll today! * Healing & Dealing with Hashi’s
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Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting Podcast
Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting Podcast
Dr. Eric Berg
The Ugly Side of Beauty Skincare Products (Makeup, Cleansers & Lotion)
Talk to a Dr. Berg Keto Consultant today and get the help you need on your journey (free consultation). Call 1-540-299-1557 with your questions about Keto, Intermittent Fasting, or the use of Dr. Berg products. Consultants are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 9 pm EST. Saturday & Sunday 9 am to 5 pm EST. USA Only. Get Dr. Berg's Veggie Solution today! • Flavored (Sweetened) -   • Plain (Unflavored) -  Take Dr. Berg's Free Keto Mini-Course! In this podcast, Dr. Berg talks about what “They” don’t tell women about wearing makeup. The skin is a human sponge that directly absorbs everything you put on it. An average female absorbs 4 pounds and 6 ounces of chemicals every single year or puts 515 synthetic chemicals on the skin every day. Some of these chemicals are carcinogens which are the things that can cause certain types of diseases. He also talks about how to get the chemicals out of the body by detoxification. Food Evaluation: DATA: Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio: Dr. Berg, 51 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in weight loss through nutritional & natural methods. His private practice is located in Alexandria, Virginia. His clients include senior officials in the U.S. government & the Justice Department, ambassadors, medical doctors, high-level executives of prominent corporations, scientists, engineers, professors, and other clients from all walks of life. He is the author of The 7 Principles of Fat Burning. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: YOUTUBE: DR. BERG'S SHOP: MESSENGER: DR. BERG'S VIDEO BLOG:
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