Patrick Cox - about shoes, celebrity, trauma and how 5-MeO-DMT saved his life.
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My guest today is Patrick Cox and I have to say, he is a very special guest, because I bought his shoes to be cool. Patrick’s shoes made you belong to the so called cool Britannia in the 90ties: The band Oasis wore them, glamorous DJs and rockstars, cool Londoners, the cool nightlife world wore them. More than that. The whole fashion world liked Patrick’s fashion taste. Patrick was a design super star, his nickname, Janet Jackson gave it to him, was "Party Pat". And Party Pat had everything. Celebrity friends like Elton John lots of money, charm, party stamina, talent, humour, until these things turned out to cover up his old trauma, the one that he experienced at age 4. Patrick never thought about it any more. But a few years ago, Patrick lost everything, his company and his ability to ignore the old trauma with his certified tools: travelling, partying and ignoring. So he tried everything, to save his mental health, but nothing worked. He even told his friends about a possible suicide. Before it was too late, he found toad venom, aka 5 MeoDMT. Toad Venom is found in the poison of Bufo alvarius, a toad native to the Sonoran desert in Mexico. After a few experiences, Patrick said, he didn’t hate himself any more. he found out, there was nothing wrong with him. The only question was, who would he be now? Patrick and I talk about how an intervention form Elton Johns feels like, how alcohol lost it’s so called cool, why heavy partying and depression are siblings, how generation X never leaned anything about healing. And how trauma, you have experienced so long ago, will catch up with you, even if you have everything you think we should have.

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