Diabetes and Ramadan: Can People With Diabetes Fast During Ramadan?
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During the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This means abstaining from all food and drink, including water. For Muslims who have diabetes, this can be a tricky situation. Some advise against it, but if done with the right preparation, care and support, it can be done.  

Join us as Dr. Yousef Said covers the basics and answers all our questions like:


Is it safe to fast during Ramadan if I have diabetes?

Where can I get advice and support if I want to fast?

What special preparations should I make?

What should I do in an emergency?

What factors should I take into account for fasting during Ramadan with diabetes?


Dr Said also covers:


Tools and advice to help you reach your decision

Consulting with your diabetes care team to stay healthy during Ramadan

Medication, exercise, blood sugar during Ramadan

Breaking your fast safely

Questions to ask your doctor about fasting with diabetes

Ramadan nutrition tools available online

And much more.


For you more information you can also visit the International Diabetes Federation's page on diabetes and Ramadan here: https://idf.org/our-activities/education/diabetes-and-ramadan.html


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