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Now What
Sep 3, 2020
27 DNC vs RNC: Know the difference
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Host: Diane Gil

Co-Host: KeKey Huessein

Episode Introduction: 

In today’s episode of the Now What Podcast, Diane is joined by her co-host KeKey to talk about the purpose and history of National Conventions. 

Episode Summary: 

Both Diane and KeKey share their personal highlights from the 2020 National Conventions. The episode is packed with noteworthy observations and strong opinions.

Notable Facts:

  • September, 1831: Anti-Masonic Party held the first National Presidential Nominating Convention.

  • Back in the time, there were no elections held before the convention and the candidate was selected during the convention.

  • Conventions are designed to sell a specific candidate and give them the opportunity to talk to the masses about their agenda and position on issues.

  • Voters can make an informed decision by hearing the party’s agenda in these conventions.

  • Voters also get to understand what the party’s 5 year and 10 year plans look like.

Highlights From The Conventions:

  • The DNC covered issues like a plan to address Covid-19, $15 minimum pay increase, healthcare reforms, and other real life issues.

  • DNC activated the spirit of healing and unity that every American is feeling.

  • There were a significant number of lifelong Republicans at the DNC who endorsed Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

  • Barack Obama spoke about the expectations of leadership in Democracy.

  • Obama believes that Donald Trump has misused and abused the office of Presidency to help him and his friends enrich themselves.

  • RNC nominated Donald Trump as the president.

  • Donald Trump avoided every issue people of colour are facing in America during the RNC.

  • RNC saw a lack of diversity. Black and brown faces were amplified but their thoughts weren’t.

  • RNC took a very aggressive tone. Many speakers spoke directly against peaceful protests.

Call To Actions:

  • Make sure you’re registered to vote.

  • Make sure adults around you, friends and family are registered to vote.

  • Consider being a poll worker to ensure fair voting.

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