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Aug 15, 2020
24 Confederate Statues: It's a White Supremacist Thing!
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Host: Diane Gil

Co-Host: KeKey Huessein

Episode Introduction: 

In this episode of the Now What Podcast, Diane is joined by your favorite co-host KeKey Moore to discuss the removal of confederate statues and symbols across America.

Episode Summary: 

The discussion revolves around the ongoing demands for the removal of confederate statues and symbols across the United States. Several historical facts are discussed and the conversation also connects listeners with another example of how the current education system is failing the youth of all races on the true history of America.

Notable Facts & Statistics: 

According to a poll conducted by the Pew research group:

  •  48% of Americans believe that the Civil War was for the State’s rights.
  •  38% of Americans know that Slavery was the cause.
  •  9% of Americans believe that both of: the State’s rights as well as Slavery were the cause for Civil War.
  • American education doesn’t give the full story on the origins of the Civil War.
  • KeyKey shares evidence that slavery was the cause of the American Civil War: 
    • All 11 states issued Articles of Successions.
    • The articles states the continuation of slavery was the reason for Civil War and these were written by confederate leaders of that time.
  • Statues, monuments and flags from that period represent white supremacy.
  • The confederate flag was adapted as the state flag.
  • United Daughters of the Confederacy are responsible for the majority of these monuments being erected.
  • Demand for removal of Confederate statues & symbols initiated from the country’s military. 


Pew Research Center Fact Tank - What caused the Civil WarUnited Daughters of the Confederacy Declaration of Causes: February 2, 1861 - A declaration of the causes which impel the State of Texas to secede from the Federal Union. Dept. of Defense Memorandum - to the force on the display of flags

Quote Worthy Content: 

“Romanticizing of the confederacy needs to end.”

Antonio Moore

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Episode show notes by: Tanishka Kherajani

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