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Oct 10, 2021
64 Representation Matters with Roxanne Martinez
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EPISODE NAME: “Representation Matters” with Roxanne Martinez 


Host: Diane Gil, KeKey Moore, DJLG

Executive Producer: DJ LG

Special Guest: Roxanne Martinez, FWISD Trustee, District 9

0:00 - 1:10: This is a follow up to episode 63 with special guest Roxanne Martinez. If you have not listened to Episode 63, make sure to do so. In this episode Roxanne shares her personal experience with America’s healthcare programs, the government’s systematic approach to oppress those who are most in need, the poor, and the sick and why representation matters for communities of color at all levels. Roxanne also shares a glimpse into the politics behind a 2021 run off election victory as FWISD Trustee District 9. 

1:11:  Diane begins the show recognizing the inspiring story Roxanne has shared so far. She comments that Roxanne did all things America expects of citizens, following the steps to achieve success. 

2:02:  Roxanne shares about her experience in Corporate America, the  healthcare system and social programs that are designed to oppress the most vulnerable and needy citizens. 

6:50:  Key reminds listeners that over 66% of all bankruptcies in America are a result of medical bills. 

8:02: Roxanne shares her experience and thoughts about America’s healthcare system, and it’s failure to provide support and resources to those in need. 

9:15: Roxanne, Key and LG discuss poverty and the inequities our healthcare creates in our communities, and how ObamaCare was critical to her livelihood.

 Roxanne explains how her experience in Corporate America during her cancer treatment, the disappointment with our government's health care programs, and the support of her community in her darkest moments inspired her to reflect on what she wants her legacy to be.  

11:20: Key and Roxanne discuss what the role of a school board trustee is and the constituents they serve. 

12:07 Roxanne shares the important role of a district school board trustee and its responsibilities such as establishing a district's financial budget, policies, and academic goals. Roxanne shares three key focus areas for FWISD, elementary literacy, middle school mathematics, and high school college and career readiness. 

19:20: Unsure of whether Roxanne would survive her cancer diagnosis, she shares her cancer journal that helped put words to the most important things in life, and what she wants her legacy to be. During this time, Roxanne shares her motivation to become an entrepreneur and the founding of Roxstar Marketing. 

19:36 After surviving breast cancer, Roxanne devotes the next 10 years in her community leading grass root initiatives to help her community overcome the educational and healthcare inequities. 

20:50 Roxanne explains how title 1 schools in her community do not have the financial resources to support its students. She rejuvenated a debunk booster club, and organized school PTAs and booster clubs. Her deep commitment to her community cultivated a strong student led movement to march to the polls and vote. 

21:50 Roxanne is asked by the students why her name wasn’t on the ballot, and who was their community's representation. This sparked a personal call to action to lift her community up in a broader capacity. 

22:30 Roxanne begins to educate herself on the elected officials who did not reflect the makeup of her community and makes a plan to run for a future local election. 

25:00 Key and Roxanne discuss the process and challenges of running a political campaign, and how team Roxy led her to a run-off victory for FWISD trustee district 9 against all odds in a political process that was not built for people like Roxanne. 

29:00 Key and Roxanne discuss their shared experiences in political campaigns, and the reality of the run off process designed to oppress and maintain a white power structure that disenfranchises minority candidate and minority voters. 

30:00 Roxanne shares her campaign strategy and why representation matters. Key reminds the audience that over 90% of current elected officials are white males, and recognizes the significance and impact Roxanne has made for her community and people of color. 

33:50 Roxanne reminds listeners this is only the first step in a long and hard journey to changing the political makeup representing the communities they serve.

34:15 Roxanne challenges everyone to continue participating in the local election process, and looks forward to the day she sees her youth-led organizers on the election ballot.  

Roxanne challenges everyone to continue participating in the local election process, and looks forward to the day she sees her youth-led organizers on the election ballot.  

The Now What podcast is a space where we give a platform to honor and share voices and stories just like Roxanne’s. 

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