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Sep 13, 2021
63 Against All Odds with Roxanne Martinez
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EPISODE NAME: Against All Odds with with Roxanne Martinez 

Host: Diane Gil, KeKey Moore, DJLG

Executive Producer: DJ LG

Special Guest: Roxanne Martinez, FWISD Trustee, District 9

0:00 - 1:00: This episode spotlights a small business owner, non profit leader, and community advocate. She is the President of Roxstar Marketing, serves on numerous non profit boards and committees in Fort Worth. 

A true civic leader, elected in 2021 by the people to serve as the FWISD Trustee for district 9.

1:42:  Diane opens the show to welcome a special guest Diane refers to as the Godmother of Diamond Hill and is a fellow alumna, Roxanne Martinez. A social shout is made for all fans of the show.

2:39:  Roxanne shares about herself and her childhood with the listeners. 

4:10: LG and Roxanne discuss being a first generation college student in their families and Roxanne’s inspiration to pursue a degree in communications and journalism.

5:10: Roxanne discusses the makeup of the Diamond Hill community and how one teacher's advice and encouragement shaped who she became as a student.

8:52: Roxanne’s shares the obstacles she faced not having the money to pay for her housing deposit, and the family responsibilities she carried on a daily basis her senior year.

15:50: Roxanne, Key and LG discuss poverty and the inequities it creates in our communities and education. 

20:30: Roxanne and Key discuss the guilt felt when leaving community, and the sorority navigating through the culture shock experienced

27:00 Roxanne talks about life after college and her achievements climbing the corporate ladder.

28:41: Hard work and resilience pays off. Pregnant with her first child at the age of 30, working her dream job in Corporate America, becoming a homeowner was everything she worked for. Then she is given news that would change it all

30:00: Fighting for the life of herself and unborn child, Roxanne undergoes chemotherapy and is terminated from her employer leaving her with no health coverage.

32:00 Diane asks about the dollars and cents for cancer treatments. Where does this money come from and how much can it cost to complete treatment?

34:00 Team Roxy rallies across the country to fundraise money on Roxanne’s behalf. Roxanne learns first hand the inequities in our healthcare system and shares her deepest gratitude to team roxy, non profit organizations such as Susan B Komen, Cancer care services, her family and community to aid Roxanne’s treatment. 

37:00 Roxanne owes her life to her community, sorority and family

The Now What podcast is a space where we give a platform to honor and share these voices and stories. 

Tune back in to our next episode to hear more details about Roxanne’s personal experience and circumstances as she faces being diagnosed with breast cancer


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