Kol Deracheha
Rachel Leshaw
Welcome to Kol Deracheha, a podcast about women and mitzvot, from deracheha.org, a Yeshivat Har Etzion Initiative. Kol Deracheha is dedicated in memory of Mrs. Anita Hirsch Silverman, Yehudit Raizel bat Eliezer v'Esther, zichrona livracha. Our name comes from the pasuk in Mishlei 3:10, which says “be-chol derachecha da’ehu.” “In all your ways, know God.” We’ve changed that to Kol Deracheha, which means “all her ways,” and also “the voice of Deracheha.” Our goal is that Kol Deracheha will inspire you wherever you walk on the pathways of Torah. About Deracheha.org: Jewish women, and our communities as a whole, need greater understanding of halachot pertaining to women. Understanding Halacha has a positive impact on halachic commitment and practice, and raises the level of our communal discussion. Halacha is a guide for living, rich in nuance and alive to its adherents. It is responsive to religious intuitions and spiritual aspirations. It is much more than a black or white bottom line. Deracheha presents Halacha accurately and respectfully, in a woman’s voice. We explore a range of halachic voices as clearly and thoroughly as possible, leaving room for each reader to find a place within it. We don’t advocate, we educate. We are passionate about informing you about Halacha, without telling you what to think.
Kol Deracheha
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