2 Wonderful Ways To Heal Your Inner Conflicts [EP092]
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What determines how much love and meaning your life can hold? Largely, the way you handle your inner conflicts! In this episode, you'll learn two beautiful, quick, "wisdom-hacks" that will help you handle your inner conflicts in completely new ways. Try these techniques as you listen—I'll teach you how—and watch how self-love grows, inner feelings of emptiness diminish, and a sense of deep well-being emerges. By the end of the episode, the techniques will be yours!

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Dateable: Your insider's look into modern dating
Dateable: Your insider's look into modern dating
Yue Xu and Julie Krafchick | Dating & Relationship Podcast hosts
BONUS: Our 2021 Dating Predictions
So dating in 2020 was a bit different than we expected yet ironically some of our predictions did come true! What's in store for 2021? On this week's bonus episode, we are giving our dating predictions based on what we know in today's world. We'll discuss the changing landscape due to COVID-19 still, how we can build off of some of the things that actually worked, and why these trends can actually improve our love lives during this crazy time. Follow us @dateablepodcast. Check out our website ( http://dateablepodcast.com/ ) for more content, virtual live show dates, and merch. Join the Sounding Board at https://www.dateablepodcast.com/soundingboard Thank you to our partners for this episode: Thrive Cosmetics: Get 15% off your first purchase at https://thrivecausemetics.com/dateable with the code DATEABLE BetterHelp: Get 10% off your first month of online therapy at betterhelp.com/dateable with the code DATEABLE Magic Spoon: Grab a variety pack of Magic Spoon healthy high protein, low carb cereal at magicspoon.com/DATEABLE ( https://magicspoon.com/pages/partner?partner=dateable ) and try it today! Use the code DATEABLE at checkout to get free shipping. Gobble: Get 6 meals for $36 plus free shipping visit gobble.com/dateable ( https://www.gobble.com/dateable/ ) Cover art Photography Credit: Larry Wong ( http://lwong.net/ ) #lwongphoto Dateable is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. You can find more outstanding podcasts to subscribe to at frolic.media/podcasts ( https://app.redcircle.com/shows/1896ec4c-ab61-46a7-b4ab-16f3ae2e712a/ep/6f03be0a-fd24-4b2c-bf24-3342e7b185ed/frolic.media/podcasts ) Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/dateable-podcast/donations Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy
45 min
Dating Tips, Relationships & Dating Advice For Single Women Podcast | Magnetize Your Man
Dating Tips, Relationships & Dating Advice For Single Women Podcast | Magnetize Your Man
Antia Boyd - Dating Tips, Relationships & Dating Advice For Single Women
Should You Lower Your Standards For A Man? (Hard Truth)
SHOULD YOU LOWER YOUR STANDARDS FOR A MAN? (HARD TRUTH) ♥ Get Your FREE "Magnetize Your Man" QUIZ & Personalized Strategy To Make Him Chase You Here! ▶ https://MagnetizeYourMan.com Subscribe For More FREE Training Videos Coming Soon Here! http://bit.ly/2WSL6wO Join Our FREE “Magnetize Your Man” Facebook Dating Support Group For Incredible Support, Accountability & More Bonus Trainings Using The Special Link Here! http://bit.ly/2KVyN0C Subscribe To Our Podcast On iTunes Here: https://apple.co/2MYHM3T On Spotify Here: https://spoti.fi/2QC3x8Y Or On Google Podcasts Here! https://bit.ly/2SEC3QP Get A Copy Of Our New "Magnetize Your Man" BOOK On Amazon Here! https://amzn.to/2UZcmve Get Our "Magnetize Your Man" AUDIOBOOK On Audible Here: http://adbl.co/38uAgoF Follow Antia On Facebook For More FREE Updates & Behind The Scenes Bonuses Here! http://bit.ly/31Kvyz9 Follow Antia On Instagram As Well Here! http://bit.ly/2WR4MX2  💗 About Antia Boyd 💗 I was born in eastern Germany before the wall came down, and was single my ENTIRE LIFE before I finally had an epiphany, a total breakthrough and developed my signature system called the "Magnetize Your Man Method". It's the exact method that I used to attract my handsome, strong & supportive hubby Brody! I’ve now been helping thousands of elite single women all over the world for over a decade to attract the right man for them to share their life with & have a loving relationship ASAP without loneliness, trust issues or wasting time attracting EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE MEN! I studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, am NLP and Dream Coaching certified and have spoken on hundreds of stages and radio shows all over the world including Harvard University, Google and Good Morning San Diego. I’ve also been featured on ABC Radio, America Trends TV, The Great Love Debate and for over a decade studied EVERYTHING that I could get my hands on in the areas of love, dating and creating an amazing, happy family of your own the easy way without fear, unhealthy relationships or endless dating I now live in the beautiful San Diego area of California with my loving, stable & committed husband of 6 years, and I look forward to helping YOU to feel safe to be open & vulnerable, have fun & travel the world with the ideal guy for you without feeling insecure or choosing the wrong men! 💗 💗 Amazing Client Love Stories & Reviews! 💗 “Hi Antia, my man and I are very happy as we are exploring and enjoy our new life together. Our coaching together was very helpful in my ability to stay centered in the reality of a true intimate loving relationship unfolding. It has also helped me in nurturing it too. Thanks so much for your support!” -A.G. “Hi Antia, One year since the day my fiancee and I met is just around the corner, and we are now married! We are in love and don’t want to live life without one another. I have lived with him for 6 months and have been the happiest I have ever been in my life. Thank you so much for the coaching… I will check in very soon. Lots of love!” -L.W. "Hello Antia, I just wanted to let you know that I met a really great guy.  He has done a lot of personal work and we are enjoying really good communication. I just wanted to thank you for the help and suggestions that you gave me. I am optimistic!!" -D.K. #Dating #DatingTips #DatingAdvice #DatingTipsForWomen #DatingAdviceForWomen #Relationships https://youtu.be/AyKFTx4cIyc Support the show (https://MagnetizeYourMan.com)
9 min
Sophie & Adi Jaffe
How AA Keeps You Powerless | Recovery
In this episode, Adi addresses the elephant in the room -- AA. While AA has certainly provided help to many people with addiction, it has for years fallen short as the primary, and oftentimes the only, option for those in recovery. Millions of people go without help every year because the dogmatic model of AA simply doesn’t work for them. We need to start thinking about how we can reach those who have been failed by the 12-Step approach to recovery. Mentioned in the episode: IGNTD Hero Recovery Program (3:25) - Adi starts his discussion of AA by talking about his issues with its religiosity. (4:05) - AA is wrong to claim that people are powerless over their addiction. By going to meetings and seeking help, people prove that they have power over their addiction. (4:55) - AA leaves out those who desire to cut back on, but not completely abstain from, drinking. (5:20) - We are not all the same. Sponsors don’t have any training and only go off of what worked for them. (5:40) - AA’s program is outdated. (6:23) - The problem isn’t that AA exists--It’s that AA has become the ONLY option for treatment. (9:00) - Regardless of how you measure recovery, the addiction industry is failing to save people. We need to raise the standard of care. (11:30) - Adi gives recommendations for how we can raise the standard of care. (13:19) - We don’t tell people with depression that we will only help them if they stop being depressed. We don’t tell people who need physical therapy that we won’t help them unless they stop using crutches. We shouldn’t tell people struggling with addiction that we won’t help them unless they stop using. (15:35) - Just because the AA principles worked for you doesn’t mean they are right for everyone. (17:40) - We have to stop putting up barriers to help and start opening our doors to people who need help.
20 min
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