Tech Deciphered
Tech Deciphered
Feb 4, 2021
#20 – Recruiting Primer – Part 3
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In episode 20, the last of our trilogy on recruiting, we share advice to candidates, from ideas and processes on how to best be visible to recruiters, to how to get the job of your dreams. Also listen to our episodes 18 and 19, in which we share our core principles in recruiting and detailed advice to recruiters. Navigation: Introduction (01:24) Section 1 - How to get found (02:10) Section 2 - How to get the first interview (04:08) Section 3 - Interview questions (07:13) Section 4 - How to get the offer (23:56) Section 5 - Remote world (29:00) Conclusion (39:59) Our co-hosts: Bertrand Schmitt, Tech Entrepreneur, business angel, advisor to startups and VC funds, co-founder at App Annie, @bschmitt Nuno Goncalves Pedro, Investor, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Strive Capital, @ngpedro Our show:   Tech DECIPHERED brings you the Entrepreneur and Investor views on Big Tech, VC and Start-up news, opinion pieces and research. We decipher their meaning, and add inside knowledge and context. Being nerds, we also discuss the latest gadgets and pop culture news. Subscribe To Our Podcast Intro (01:24) Nuno: Welcome to episode 20. This episode, will conclude our trilogy on recruiting.  In episodes 18 and 19. We've discussed a variety of topics. We introduced the element of recruiting. We shared our own core principles around recruiting, and in the last episode, episode 19, we gave advice to recruiters.  Today, we will be discussing advice for candidates all the way from being found to how to be recruited in a changing remote world. Bertrand: Let's take the other side. Let's think from a candidate perspective. What could be our advice for candidates. And obviously there is probably a lot of advice we can give.  Section 1 - How to get found (02:10) Nuno, do you want to start on maybe how to get found? Nuno: Yes, and just to reframe this, this is not just based on third-party knowledge in the last decade, because both of us, have not been candidates, cetera, . I certainly have been reached out by a number of organizations. I've explored things beyond my own realm. And there's obviously a lot of lessons learnt here that I think are still very fresh. The first piece is how do you get found, right? Who finds you and how do you make yourself visible in the market?  definitely LinkedIn, your profile needs to be clean. It needs to be clear and sharp about what you're able to do or not. My LinkedIn profile is awful for that, just to be clear. So please don't look at my LinkedIn profile to get any great clues on that, having clarity in what you've done and what you're an expert on and what are your achievements have been Turning your LinkedIn into a richer type of resume is very powerful. If you're an engineer, Github Gitlab and other tools also convey a lot of these elements of being found in the market.  so that's the beginning. It's almost like your advertising systems and services that you want to be present on for recruiting depending on the area you're in. Obviously you should explore. Having some warm relationships with recruiters. And particularly as you get more senior and you moved to a middle level ranks or senior level ranks. knowing your recruiters and having them, having your mind. I believe that recruiters in Europe and Asia, I've shared this with many of my friends, external recruiters in Europe and Asia are less transactional than in the US and because of that, they normally keep warmer relationships with candidates through the years. I certainly have warmer relationships. With some of the recruiters that I interacted with in Asia and in Europe and maybe in the us, this is again, a simplification obviously it varies very much with the recruiter and the individual, himself or herself. but definitely understand where the recruiters are, what's being done, et cetera. And then the final piece around being found is if you're looking for a specific type of job,
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