Tech Deciphered
Tech Deciphered
Mar 8, 2020
#0 – The Origin Story
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A short primer on what to expect of the new Tech Deciphered Show and why you should tune in.Learn more about what Tech Deciphered’s origin story, its format and tone, as well as an introduction and background of the 2 co-hosts: Nuno Goncalves Pedro, investor, co-founder and managing partner of Strive Capital, and Bertrand Schmitt, tech entrepreneur, co-founder & chairman at App Annie.Navigation:Origin Story (1:26)Format (2:55)Tone (3:16)Nuno Bio (3:39)Bertrand Bio (5:14)Our co-hosts:Bertrand Schmitt, Tech Entrepreneur, co-founder and Chairman at App Annie, @bschmittNuno Goncalves Pedro, Investor, co-Founder and Managing Partner of Strive Capital, @ngpedro Our show: Tech DECIPHERED brings you the Entrepreneur and Investor views on Big Tech, VC and Start-up news, opinion pieces and research. We decipher their meaning, and add inside knowledge and context. Being nerds, we also discuss the latest gadgets and pop culture news.  Subscribe To Our Podcast Full transcription: may contain unintentionally confusing, inaccurate and/or amusing transcription errors Welcome to Episode 0 Origin story  (1:26) Nuno: As it is always the case, there is an origin story to Tech Deciphered. Bertrand and I have had weekly discussions in different forms around the latest news, opinion pieces, and research for some time. We've also taken it to Twitter. As part of those discussions, in many cases, we've gone underneath the surface. And while doing that, we really tried to understand what goes beyond the snapshots that the journalists are portraying. What we are trying to bring is an entrepreneur, an investor view of big tech, VCs and startups, to help understand what's truly happening behind the surface. And it's usually pretty far from the caricatural view you can sometimes get, and both Nuno and I, we have spent quite some time living in Asia, living in the US, we are coming from Europe, and we believe we can have a more global best perspective versus what you usually get here in Silicon Valley. So our objective is to decipher the meaning of these news, to decipher the meanings of these announcements, opinion pieces, and to really bring the no BS view of what's really happening in the world, while adding our own inside knowledge and context that is, we think, very valuable. And also, also being both nerds, we couldn't resist discussing gadgets and sometimes pop culture news. Format (2:55) Bertrand: This is our first season. Typically, every episode will be split into two to four main segments on big tech VCs, and startups, and usually we're ending with gadgets because we love gadgets.  Once in a while we will bring amazing guests on topics they are experts. Tone (3:16) Nuno: Our tone will be a little bit like us. Passionate, irreverent, nerdy. We will be strong, but convey informed opinions. We will always be trying to aim for the truth and that means there will be no BS allowed. We won't be afraid to disagree, but we will be having quite a lot of fun in the process. Nuno Bio (3:39) Nuno: I am your co-host, Nuno Goncalves Pedro, investor, co-founder and managing partner of Strive Capital. I have been in Tech for almost 25 years as a computer engineer, product manager, operator and investor. I have worked in over 35 countries spanning Europe, Asia and North America and have lived in Lisbon, London, Beijing and the San Francisco Bay area.  I am an ex McKinsey senior expert and member of the Asia-Pacific Technology, Media and Telecom leadership team, as well as an operator , including senior roles with the GSM Association. I developed and product managed software products and custom systems at the beginning of my career and some of them are shockingly still in use today.  More importantly, I have been an entrepreneur in Venture Capital, having co-founded Strive Capital and having had senior roles with other VC firms in Silicon Valley. I have been an executive,
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