2. From Binge Eating to Recovered with Lauren Cadillac
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In this episode, Deanna sits down with Lauren Cadillac, a registered dietitian, certified intuitive eating counselor, certified personal trainer and retired national bikini competitor whose mission is to help individuals break free of diet culture and heal their relationship with food using the intuitive eating framework. 

You'll hear:

  • Deanna sits down with her friend Lauren Cadillac, a registered dietitian nutritionist & certified personal trainer to talk about life and health (1:09)
  • Lauren shares how her damaged relationship with food and her experience with bodybuilding led her to have an eating disorder (3:05)
  • Although it is talked about, oftentimes eating disorders can go undiagnosed. Lauren explains how this impacted her eating disorder and path to recovery (7:31)
  • What does taking care of yourself and your health look like for someone dealing with an eating disorder or extreme diet culture? (10:20)
  • Advice from a dietician, how to give yourself permission to eat if you fear gaining weight. Lauren shares the issue of body scapegoating, and why we focus on blaming our body for everything rather than look at the bigger picture (14:13)
  • 3 actionable steps you can incorporate to overcome an eating disorder and diet culture (17:22)
  • How Lauren's relationship with her now-husband helped her overcome her eating disorder through being a role model and an accountability partner (20:14)
  • Lauren shares some tips for dieticians, who either want to get into this approach of dietetics and tips for becoming a virtual dietitian (22:40)

Connect with Lauren: IG: @feelgooddietitian

Website: http://www.laurencadillac.com/ 

Connect with Deanna:

IG: @dietitiandeanna Website: https://dietitiandeanna.com 

This episode is sponsored by Food Freedom Breakthrough, my three month transformative online group coaching program. Join the waitlist here to be first to know about the next program launching in Jan 2022.

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