How a Fun Easy Project Transformed My Life and Career
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This Podcast Episode is Part 1 of a Multi-part Series on “My Story”. Episode 003

In this Part 1, I start out to write a book and find I’m being led down an unexpected new path.

Part 2 tells how two books blew my mind and led me to even greater changes.

Finally, Part 3 is a woodsy tale of the deep spiritual connection behind it all.

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It All Started with a Short YouTube Video

In the spring of 2020, I was looking for a way to focus my attention away from the woes of the new Covid-19 pandemic.

I decided to join Seth Godin’s Akimbo book writing group “Writing in Community” to write about what I thought was a “small and easy topic”.

This is the story of how that whimsical decision turned into a major transformation in my life.

The small topic I picked was what Tony Robbins called “The Holy Grail of Belief”. I saw him talk about it for 5 minutes or so in a 2013 Youtube video.

He later called the idea “The Success Cycle”, as he said what you believe determines the actions you take and this will lead to greater success.

In this video Tony Robbins Interviews Frank Kern and John Reese about their success.

I Saw a Hint of Something Deeper

I bought into what Tony was saying. It’s simple and it makes sense.

But that’s not what intrigued me.

I saw something else. I saw something Tony was not even talking about. I saw a pattern that looked familiar.

Tony’s “Success Cycle” reminded me of the cycle within Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. I knew there must be a connection between the two ideas that was worth exploring.

Then seven years went by.

And then a pandemic hit the world.
And then I knew it was time for something new in my life.

That’s when I made the choice to dive deeper.

I Got To Work Writing and Sharing Daily

The Seth Godin writing course came at the perfect time for me.

After more than a hundred days of researching, writing, and sharing ideas almost non-stop, I realized I had probably found my life’s work. Or at least I’d found a topic that seemed inexhaustible in its scope.

I started calling the cycle “The Re-Creation Cycle” because to me the essence of it is the regeneration of Life itself.

I did a short podcast about it last month that I call “How the Re-Creation Cycle Helps You Handle Change“.

I Saw The Re-Creation Cycle In So Many Things

  • The four seasons of the world
  • The Four Winds and four world directions
  • The Native American Medicine Wheel
  • Hindu religion’s Four Paths and Four Goals
  • Carl Jung’s Four Parts of the Self
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • The Four Gospels of Christianity, (especially as presented by Alexander John Shaia and the Quadratos system.
  • Soren Kierkegard’s Four Types of Man
  • 4 steps of the Scientific Method

And the list keeps growing for me all the time.

Download a Worksheet to Explore the Re-Creation Cycle

Click the image below to download this worksheet.

Do you have a challenge you would like to work on?

Download this Re-Creation Cycle Worksheet and walk through the stages.

The Cycle Also Applies to Personal and Creative Growth

As I was watching other writers around me do similar deep dives into their personal histories, I saw more connections.

I saw the cycle as a way to gain personal growth. I saw a way to get to Ultimate Truth and a way to find the deepest understanding of the Self.

“To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is to lose one’s self…. And to venture in the highest is precisely to be conscious of one’s self.” ― Søren Kierkegaard

Things got hard when I looked into my personal history, especially at the loss of my father at 11 years old and the loss of my best friend to suicide at 21 years of age.

I knew this was good work. But it was a lot to take on, especially as I was trying to explain all of this deep stuff in a short book.

I loved it but it was getting hard.

From Whim to Whoa then Overwhelm

As the topic went from small to huge in my mind, I got overwhelmed by it and quit writing. I felt like I could never do it justice. The book I wanted to write would take me a lifetime, it felt.

I decided to take a break and do more reading.

It turns out that what I read in the Spring of 2021 changed everything again.

I cover that in Part 2 of this story on the podcast, coming out soon.

What Changes Are You Ready to Take On?

Are looking to make some changes on your life?

Give me a call and we can find out if a more conscious dive into the Change Cycle is a right move for you.

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Do you have a challenge you would like to work on?

Download this Re-Creation Cycle Worksheet and walk through the stages.

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