What’s Up with These Owls?
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What’s Up with These Owls? Podcast Episode 006

Why Are All these Owl Coincidences Happening Lately?

This episode covers how owls of all kinds are showing up for me in unusual ways.

Recently, the timing has odd connections to events in my life. It makes me ask…

  • Does this mean something?
  • Why does this feel both amazing and concerning?
  • Why am I both intrigued and confused?

Maybe this is what Joseph Campbell meant when he said “Follow your Bliss…and the Universe will start to cooperate with you in mysterious ways.’

Then Again, What’s all the Fuss?

In the end, I’ve decided to stop my worry and confusion and just enjoy this weirdness.

I know that I want to connect more deeply with nature and this seems to be the way Nature wants to connect with me.

Who am I to say how nature (and reality) should work?

So, What’s Up With These Owls?

I don’t know, but I’ll keep listening.

Links And Details

A Connecting Principal
Unexplained coincidences that carry meaning is called Synchronicity. Carl Jung should get the credit, but I can’t stop thinking back to 1983 and the studio album by The Police. (It’s so deep, It’s so wide, Your inside….)

Learning to Call
In one of the first Davo Show Podcast episodes I told the story of how I Thought it Was An Owl, But Alas No. As it turns out, the owl I was hearing was a mourning dove.

Who Who Says?
I learned the call of the barred owl that says, “Who Cooks for You?” in The Congaree Swamp when I was working on my masters thesis in Columbia, SC.

Close Encounters with Small Owls
Pinkey, the baby screech owl was a wildlife rescue. My friend, Linda McLean, introduced us when we made the Wild and Free video short for Little Pearls in 2008. It was a wild ride.

More Ethical Calls to the Wild
Alie Ward says “don’t make a bird hate you ” in her ethics of birding discussion with scientist, Eddie Game. Her Ologies Podcast is always wild, wonderful, and worth a listen.

Got the 4 PART Picture Yet?
In this podcast, I ask you to imagine the 4 Part Self / Change Cycle, but here’s an actual graphic you can print out. I call it the Re-Creation Cycle .

We are Standing on Giant Shoulders
My ideas about the Four PART Change Cycle and the Four Selves have been hugely influenced by Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Martha Beck, Jill Bolte Taylor, and Alexander John Shaia, among others. I’m giving thanks and credit where it’s due!

A Resonating Bell
Rob Bell’s exceptional podcast The RobCast covers resentment and its power over us, whether it’s Putin’s invasion of Ukraine or an over-repeated argument with a spouse.

What’s in a Name?
I gave my Antagonist Character #2 the name, “DJ”, after Davy Jones’s Locker, then later realized it’s a pretty dark place. But maybe this darkness fits, because we all have a dark side that’s awfully rewarding to explore in depth.

My short-form podcast, The Davo Show, is named for my aRtist Character #3, “Davo”.

All the while, my Principal Character #1, “The Captain”, is wondering why we keep wasting our time on these frivolous descriptions.

Shaman Sarah
Sarah Seidelmann wrote The Book of Beasties to help folks find out how “Spirit Animals” connect with us. Sarah is one of my amazing instructors I’ve trained with at The Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach Training.

Let the Mystery Be
Like Iris Dement sings, I think I’ll just Let the Mystery Be

Well, I believe in love and I live my life accordingly. | But I choose to let the mystery be.

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