Episode 24 - Same-Sex Celebrity Crush - NATHAN FILLION
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Joel remembers the time Ken passed on The Soup before they ever met each other and they unwrap the reason why. Special Guest Nathan Fillion pops in and they all discuss COVID and how he's handling the pandemic. They all discuss  his iconic career: Firefly, Slither, Saving Private Ryan, Castle, The Rookie (renewed for a third season), and even One Life to Live. Oh, and they discuss how Ken came up with his Nathan Fillion shout out on Community's Hot Lava episode and Nathan's subsequent cameos as Janitor Bob Waite in seasons 5 and 6.  Don't miss this one, it's one of our best.

Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Unqualified Media
Jim Jefferies Returns
Jim Jefferies [The Jim Jefferies Show, Legit] is back! He talks with Anna about his first love, recent marriage, losing his virginity, the perfection of West Side Story, the American dream and much more. Jim also takes a moment to apologize for one of his jokes that went too far. Later in the episode Anna is joined by psychologist and author, Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman of The Psychology Podcast to offer some more qualified insight to Jenna. MILLER LITE Miller Lite. Great taste with only 96 calories and 3.2 carbs. However you and your friends are enjoying Miller Time, you can have the original light beer delivered by going to MillerLite.com/ANNA and find the delivery options near you. Celebrate Responsibly. Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI. 96 calories and 3.2 carbs per 12 ounces. ALLBIRDS With Allbirds, feel confident knowing you’re wearing a product that’s doing right by you AND the planet. If you’re looking to get a head start on holiday gifting this year, head to Allbirds.com today for the perfect gift to give and receive. BILLIE Go to MyBillie.com/UNQUALIFIED it’s a small way you can support us WHILE getting the BEST razor you will ever own. It’s just NINE DOLLARS to get your starter kit PLUS FREE shipping ALWAYS PEACOCK Watch for free or upgrade for more on your TV, tablet or phone. Go to PeacockTV.com to download and start streaming now. BETTERHELP BetterHelp is an affordable option and our listeners get 10% off your first month with the discount code FARIS. Get started today at betterhelp.com/FARIS. Talk to a therapist online and get help! Please subscribe to _Anna Faris is Unqualified _on Apple Podcasts and follow us on social media: Instagram @Unqualified Twitter @Unqualified Facebook @Anna Faris is Unqualified Music by: Mondo Cozmo @mondocozmo Producers: Michael Barrett, Rob Holysz, Jeph Porter Co-producer: Michael Sherman Production Services: Rabbit Grin Productions rabbitgrinproductions.com Distributed by: Simplecast
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Polyamory Weekly
Polyamory Weekly
587 Love in the time of coronavirus
How do we practice poly responsibly during a pandemic? Is it OK to move my metamour in with me rather than not see her for the duration of enforced social isolation? 0:00 Introduction and host chat * If you’re under 18, visit scarleteen.com * Found a new poly podcast, Pod Pod Cvlt Cast, with 34 long episodes! * We’ve got a new puppy to keep us company during #stayathome! 3:00 Poly in the news * Elisabeth Sheff’s four-part series on monogamy in Psychology Today: CNM is not a good choice as a method to fix a relationship that is broken, Four tips for heteroflexible couples who are considering opening their relationships, Three reasons why consensual non-monogamy will not work for people who are monogamous, and her latest, Monogamy by Orientation. * Alan’s Friday Poly in the news roundup, covering primarily the coronavirus pandemic. * How coronavirus is impacting polyamorous relationships * How a polyamory expert is dating during the coronavirus pandemic * What it’s like to isolate with your girlfriend and her other boyfriend * Is it irresponsible to date around during a pandemic * Minx’s advice * Use Zoom or Amazon Chime to host a virtual dance party or cocktail hour to stay connected * Use your webcam to see facial expressions * Try watching movies “together” over Zoom. Or send dinner to them and Zoom each other to chat during! 10:45 Contact us Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email polyweekly@gmail.com and attach an audio comment or call the listener comment line at 802-505-POLY. If you want us to teach a class at your event, want us to coach you, or want to appear on the podcast, email lustyguy@polyweekly.com. 11:25 Topic: should we move my metamour in with us while we socially isolate? If you’re considering cohabitation that you wouldn’t have considered due to coronavirus social isolation requirements, some advice: * As always, make sure your existing relationships are relatively healthy first. * Ask everyone involved what they need to be happy and healthy in a communal space. Consider personal space, alone time, sexual, and physical needs. * Discuss how finances will work in terms of rent, groceries, and other bills. * Discuss expectations for chores and other responsibilities. * Ask your kids how they feel about your metamour moving in. * Have the pets been introduced? Is there a danger that they might attack each other? * Set up regular check-ins after the move-in. These provide opportunities to bring up what it working well, what isn’t, to express gratitude and appreciations, and to bring up issues before they become bigger. * Take a break from news coverage if it increases anxiety or feelings of depression. 17:00 Join the conversation To join the online conversation around this and other episodes, follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We love when you review us on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcatcher (including Spotify!) and when you share us with your friends directly. 17: 05 Feedback * S from the Boston area calls in to share a personal neologism, “schmeeling.” * Phenom calls in to ask how to get her partner to date more and make sure everything is OK. She keeps encouraging him to date, but he’s not getting out as much as her. * There is no issue here except that maybe you feel guilty. Deal with your own guilt and stop pressuring him to date! 24:45 Pervy bird throuple Oops! Accidentally skipped this one: Perverted Illinois bald eagle threesome threatens sanctity of marriage. What’s next, hawk orgies? 26:00 Happy poly moment Finding unexpected commonalities with your metamour! 28:45 Thank you to our subscribers and contributors Thanks to all our PW Playmates! Also to Pacemaker Jane for letting us use their song Good Suspicions as our intro and outro music and to you for listening and sharing.
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