1133 The Engaged Halt
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Quick question… If you were to guess, how many times did you halt throughout your last ride on your horse? Was it a ‘one time only’ event? Or perhaps you halted two or three times throughout the ride? Or was it into the double digits?  Once you have that number, here’s another question.  How many of those halts was the actual ‘end’ of the ride?   So many riders treat all halts the same.  They see the halt as being the end of a moment or a sequence of movements, however, it rarely is.  In fact, there is only one lat that actually signals the end, the last one.  All the others are part of the ride and should be seen as an important exercise.  Yep, every single halt.   in today's episode of the Daily Strides Podcast, we are diving into all things ‘halt’.  But not just any old halt; I want you to use this information, starting on your very next ride, to begin working on developing a more engaged halt for you and your horse.   Read More...   Join Lunging for Riding and learn more about how you can begin making the halt work for you and your horse both on the ground and in the saddle.     Join Groundwork for Riding and begin taking your conversation with your horse on the ground to the next level; while improving your aids for when you do ride.    Join the free Strides for Success online community HERE
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