Re-Training Your Horse Using Lunging
Play • 15 min

Did you know that almost anything you can do from the saddle, with your horse, you can do from the end of the lunge line? And the words lunge line there are important. I often chat with riders who believe in free lunging or loose lunging. They are not lunging! Lunging is when you are using your aids, both natural and artificial, to actively improve your conversation with your horse through your aids.

And correct lunging is one of the best ways to begin re-training or re-schooling your horse, regardless of your abilities (or lack of abilities) when in the saddle.

So many riders struggle with re-training because their aids lack consistency when riding. They ‘think’ they are saying one thing to their horse, but meanwhile, their horse is hearing something completely different! Lunging removes this challenge.

When you lunging, you can clearly see - in real-time - how your horse responds to your aids. Not how you think he is responding. You take on the perspective of a trainer.

And you can do this in a few simple steps...


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