Why You Need to Start Your Riding Journal Today
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I have a little ‘test’ for you… Can you describe, in full detail, each interaction you had with your horse 4 weeks ago? Yes, go back 4 weeks and each of the lunging or riding sessions you had with your horse, describe what happened. How was your mood? What did you focus on and how did that go?

Now, I’m going to bet that you can probably give some information about those rides. However, can you see how all of the rides begin blending together with the passing of time? Specific details become blurred and more difficult to pinpoint.

A riding journal is a simple way to ensure you have all the details in one place so that you can use them to help you develop your riding and your horse.

And yet, why do we so often equate simple to worthless? We rather look for complicated because we think it guarantees better results. I don’t know the answer to this. But I’m asking you to try using a simple journal for your riding. And I’m making a bold statement that has the power to change everything…


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