Your Aids to Ride the Half Halt
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Sprinkled, like confetti. This is how I think the half halt should be applied to your ride. Little ones that are really everywhere. None of them too big. Or ‘stand out’. Yet all of them working together to give the desired effect or result.

For many riders, the half halt, rather than being like confetti, becomes more like broadsheet newspapers scattered randomly around the arena. Not too many, some altogether. And not really having any use other than to make things look messy and unorganized.

Size Matters

How do you get your broadsheet size half halts to resemble a piece of confetti? You refine. And refine… The energy that you are putting into that one ‘big’ half halt (your standard broadsheet), divided up and divided amongst a whole lot of smaller, more refined half halt (your ‘confetti').

Yes, I realize I am really oversimplifying something that so many riders struggle with, the trusty half halt. And yet, it really is that simple. It is riders ‘wanting’ to make it harder than it really is... That is the real struggle with the half halt. And they want to make it harder because, although it is simple, it is usually not that easy to grasp when actually riding.

I have spoken about the half halt a lot… It really and truly is a sticking point for so many riders. I won’t get into too much of the what and why (you can read about that HERE and HERE and HERE if you’re interested). Instead, I want to give you some practical tips you can use while riding to help you work on turning your half halt from a broadsheet to a tiny piece of confetti.

Light, lovely, and a feel-good sign for all who experience it.


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