Daigle Bites
Daigle Bites
Sep 15, 2020
11. Daigle Bites - Look Up Child Anniversary (Pt. 2)
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Welcome back to part 2 of the “Look Up Child” Anniversary episode! This is an extension of a conversation between me and my dear friend Leigh Holt — who is also my manager! Our chat picks up right where the last episode left off, so if you haven’t, go back and check it out.

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Heart of Dating
Heart of Dating
Kait Warman
104: Holding Space For Other People’s Brokenness with Antoine Bradford
We need places to feel safe to be seen. To be fully loved for all of who we are. To be given permission to still be in process. Today we are talking about holding spaces for other people's brokenness with the amazing Antione Bradford. He is an independent singer songwriter from Southern California. Growing up in the black church, he finds himself heavily influenced by gospel and soul. Since becoming a Christian, Antoine has fused together his artistry and his gospel-centered vision to create a unique sound in Christian music today. Not quite r&b - not quite gospel, his music, though unlabeled, has been a unique and fresh sound that everyone didn’t know they needed. Antoine’s latest EP releases, "Even in the Dark" and “Dear Struggling Christian,” were both born from a place of seeing a lack of honesty about being a Christian and still struggling with things like sin, doubt, anxiety, and depression. Antoine's desire is to make honest music to inspire others into an honest lifestyle that deals with these struggles with a message of hope in Jesus Christ. On today's episode, Antoine shares his story of dating and struggling with brokenness and shares his testimony of meeting his beautiful wife Siena, whom he’s been married for four years. Some themes of today's episode: -The importance of counsel -How to be broken and be honest about it -How to grieve and allow space for others to grieve -How to hold space for other people's brokenness
58 min
Christian Woman Leadership Podcast
Christian Woman Leadership Podcast
Esther Littlefield
121: Shrinking Integrity Gaps, Finding Your Safe People, & Speaking Up When It’s Risky
The difference between who we say we are and how we actually live impacts not just us personally, but also everyone we lead. But how can we learn to identify this gap and begin shrinking it? In this episode, Holly and I talk with our guest Terra Mattson, about this issue, which she calls an integrity gap. We dive into what this means, common symptoms of an integrity gap, and how to start closing this gap. In addition, Terra sheds light on why unresolved trauma is common in leaders and what leaders need to do about it. We also discuss with Terra whether we should address integrity gaps when we see them in other people. Finally, we explore why speaking up is so important, even when it’s risky and what it means to become a wholehearted leader. This is an important conversation for every leader, whether you are just getting started or whether you’ve been in leadership for years. As Terra reminds us in the conversation, this is an ongoing process and none of us are immune to integrity gaps. For the full show notes for this episode, go to estherlittlefield.com/episode121. Key Points Discussed: * Terra’s life and leadership [4:38] * Terra’s leadership journey [6:40] * Why integrity matters for leaders [10:00] * Integrity gaps [15:10] * Most common symptoms of integrity gaps [21:00] * Unresolved trauma [28:00] * How to begin shrinking an integrity gap [32:00] * Why is it hard for leaders to be honest about their struggles [35:00] * Identifying safe relationships and red flags for unhealthy counseling situations [39:00] * Being a safe person for others and when to refer out [45:00] * When you see an integrity gap in someone else [47:12] * Speaking up when it’s risky [53:58] * Becoming wholehearted leaders [1:01:41] * Leaders are learners [1:04:14] Resources & Links: * Episode 120: Vulnerability in Leadership - Why It Matters, What it Looks Like, and How to Practice It * Core Values Index Connect with Terra Mattson * Living Wholehearted Website * Terra’s Website * Free Audiobook before Oct. 31, 2020 with purchase of “Shrinking the Integrity Gap” book * Terra on Instagram Connect with Esther and Holly: * Esther’s other podcast, The Christian Woman Business Podcast * Esther’s Website * Holly’s Website * Instagram * Facebook Group * Facebook Page This episode was originally published on estherlittlefield.com/episode121 on Oct. 13, 2020.
1 hr 11 min
The Refined Collective Podcast
The Refined Collective Podcast
Kat Harris
That’s What He Said: How to Let Him Know You’re Into Him with Jarod Nickerson
Thank you Newsstand Studio at 1 Rockefeller Plaza for providing a place for me to record this episode for y’all! No more Brooklyn closet recording!!! Welcome back to the That’s What He Said series, where I ask men all the questions you’re DYING to know. Last week, Jamal Miller got real with us about expectations in dating, whether it’s how we meet the person (be open to sliding into DMs— it works!), or what qualities we imagine our future spouse will have. Check it out here if you missed it. This week, I’m sharing the conversation I had a while back with LA-based mental and fitness coach Jarod Nickerson. Believe it or not, we covered pretty much every single question you guys sent in. Curious whether or not he can tell you have a crush on him? Want to let him know you’re interested, but you’re afraid of being too forward? Or maybe you’re just too afraid, period? (Who else gets sweaty palms??) Jarod shares some insight on these questions and so many more. 1. Do guys know when a girl has a crush on them? * Every guy is different, but plenty of guys are oblivious. 2. Do guys develop attraction over time, or does it have to be there from the get-go? * A lot of the time, attraction will be there from the start, but it’s possible for the attraction to develop as they get to know a girl. * “It’s kind of the reflection of the heart manifesting outside the body.” 3. Which do you value more: respect or love? * Love and respect go hand in hand. * “If someone doesn’t respect you, then how can they love you?” 4. How do I know if he likes me? * There are a lot of things to consider: Do they have self-awareness? If someone knows who they are, they can be more confident. 5. Is it true that if he’s interested, he’ll pursue/do whatever it takes to make it happen? * A guy will pursue and do whatever it takes to make it happen until it’s clear she does not want to pursue anything. 6. Do you think guys + girls can be just friends? * Jarod believes it is possible but knows there can be confusion for some friendships. It all comes down to being transparent and honest. 7. How can I let him know I’m interested in more than just friends w/o being too aggressive/forward? * Confidence is sexy and honesty is important. Let it out, but don’t hang on it. * “If someone can’t handle you being real and honest with them, then they’re probably not someone who is always going to be calling you up and out for the rest of your life.” 8. Would you date a woman that doesn’t share your worldview/faith? * Jarod says no, in short. It’s important to share a worldview. * “If they are truly a seeker and have a good heart, then maybe you could court that relationship, but for me I’m a follower of Jesus and if they’re not following Jesus it’s not going to work.” 9. Are you intimidated by a woman with a successful career? * He wants the answer to be no, but the honest answer is “probably.” * “All you’re doing is comparing yourself to how you think it should be, not necessarily what it is.” * The time when it can feel most intimidating is at the start of a relationship, but he would definitely still ask her out. 10. What’s something that women do that feels emasculating? * Distrust and not supporting his future would be devastating. * “My biggest fear in life is not supporting my future family.” 11. What’s something a woman can do to honor you/makes you feel like a man? * Belief—everyone loves to have someone believe in them. 12. What are you looking for in a relationship/partner? * “I’m looking for someone who is going to challenge me, push me, and believe in me. I only want someone in my life if they’re going to call me up to be better. I don’t want just a cheerleader.” 13. Why do you think a lot of guys don’t want to date within their own community i.e. church? * He notes the challenges that arise when there is close proximity in this way. If it doesn’t work out—a guy doesn’t want that ‘Scarlett letter.’ * Don’t let fear be motivating any of your decisions in relationships. 14. Where are all the single godly men—do you think there are more single than women, or does it just seem like that? * The question is rooted in fear. * “Am I walking in alignment in the identity of the woman God has made?” * If you’re pursuing what God has put on your heart, you’ll see Godly men on that same path. * “Ask the Lord to quiet your mind and ask Him to speak.” Resources * Keep up with Jarod on Instagram at @jarod.nickerson (you’ll notice he’s no longer single— sorry, ladies!) Single ladies— do you feel stuck, lonely, discouraged or frustrated by your dating life, or lack thereof? This is brought to you by my free guide called “6 Tips to Activate Your Dating Life with Intention and Clarity.” These resources propelled me from sitting on the couch to out on a date. Head over to Bit.ly/trwdatingtips to check it out! You know how they say it takes a village to raise a kid? Well, this podcast is like my baby. Did you know you could financially support their favorite podcasts for as little as $5/mo. (That’s cheaper than a cup of NYC coffee y’all!) Head over to Patreon.com/therefinedcollective to see how you can support the podcast (and get some pretty awesome goodies as a thank you)!
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