#244: Zach Pogrob – Obsession, The Voice, and Creators
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Zach Pogrob is an entrepreneur who’s building Peak Photo Booths. In the past five years, he’s gone from working the photo booth at weddings to starting his own company.   

Since we recorded our first episode, Zach's become a great friend. First, he hired me as a photo booth attendant last summer. Then, we bonded over content, creators, and new media. But what’s interesting about Zach is as much as he loves business, he also loves to study the obsessed.

While building his photo booth company, he also started an Instagram page – @behaviorhack – that has almost 200,000 followers. In addition, he’s deeply studied people like Christian Guzman, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Alex Hormozi to figure out how they’ve amassed massive followings. This conversation was a mix of all our interests.


(0:00) Intro 

(0:55) Social Media = Personal Growth? 

(6:17) Peak Photo Booths 

(14:34) Design 

(19:00) Media 

(26:14) Lack of growth 

(30:37) Alex Hormozi 

(36:00) Crypto rabbit hole 

(40:02) Impose friction to reduce it 

(44:00) We’re so small 

(49:02) Creators 

(55:49) Obsession 

(59:00) The Voice 

(1:05:59) Gift from Zach 

(1:07:13) Making decisions 

(1:10:11) Deciding where to live 

(1:13:55) Painful vacations 

(1:16:04) Reflection on birthday 

(1:26:12) Speed 

(1:35:52) Challenge  

Recorded on July 13, 2022

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First episode with Zach – https://anchor.fm/danny-miranda91/episodes/082-Zach-Tyler--The-Power-of-An-Audience-e1io209 

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