#237: Tejas Hullur [VIDEO] – Blowing Up On TikTok & Meeting Mike Tyson
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Tejas Hullur is a creator. Over the past two years, he's gone from no online presence to smoking with Mike Tyson. In this conversation, we spoke about how Colin & Samir became mentors, and the life of a creator in 2022.  


(0:00) Intro 

(1:05) “It’s been the craziest 2 years of my life” 

(7:21) Nobody really concentrates on the quality of a follower 

(9:14) “You’re an embarrassment to the fraternity” 

(10:46) Why was Tejas so passionate about creating? 

(13:18) “Being a content creator is living 4 years in 1” 

(14:28) Dropping out of college 

(17:31) Leverage 

(20:50) How to make decisions? 

(24:47) Colin & Samir as mentors 

(30:41) The highs and lows of creators 

(32:58) Impactful practices for creativity 

(36:08) Smoking a blunt with Mike Tyson 

(45:41) Tejas’ focus on the dark side 

(49:11) Hiring an editor 

(53:03) Peer vs. mentor 

(55:38) Fortune Magazine calling Tejas the modern-day “Tony Robbins”  

(58:00) Getting recognized 

(1:00:06) Storytelling: “Build up tension and release it” 

(1:05:38) 4 elements to be a successful creator 

(1:07:30) Idea to creation 

(1:10:55) The importance of family 

(1:21:22) Record your conversations with friends/family 

(1:23:10) Dylan Lemay’s ice cream shop 

(1:28:18) Tejas’ self-awareness 

(1:29:52) Challenge for creators 

(1:31:33) Challenge for anyone  

Resources Mentioned 

Joe Rogan and Naval (JRE 1309) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qHkcs3kG44 

My Ajja. (There Is No Life Without Death) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPloPNaag4Q 

Tejas on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tejashullur

Tejas on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tejashullur/ 

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