#312: Akta – Joy, Creating, & Slowing Down
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Akta is a YouTuber.   

In this conversation, we spoke about tuning into joy, what was it like when Matt D’Avella shared her work, the difference between feelings and perception, taking on the energy of strangers, what slowing down means to her, and much more.

(0:00) Intro

(2:20) Unraveling The Ball

(4:50) Happiness Vs. Joy

(6:23) Tuning Into Joy

(8:20) Slowing Down

(9:55) Matt D’Avella

(12:20) Social Anxiety

(14:10) Consumer Vs. Creator

(16:18) Creating A YouTube Video

(20:42) Perception Vs. Reality

(26:29) Feelings Vs. Images

(35:28) Authenticity

(36:49) Career

(39:30) Kindest Act

(40:44) Empathy

(42:41) Taking On Energy

(44:05) DMs

(45:51) Loneliness

(51:10) Challenge

Akta's Links

YouTube:  @Akta 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aktavibes

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aktavibes

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