#030: Nicolas Cole – Flipping Negative Into Positive
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Nicolas Cole is a writer and personal branding expert, who works with thought leaders in various industries on how to build and amplify meaningful personal brands. In this conversation, we dove deep on writing online, the downsides of entrepreneurship, and turning the negative into positive.

Made You Think
Made You Think
Nat Eliason and Neil Soni
66: Making the Navalmanack: Interview with Eric Jorgenson
“Even today, what to study and how to study it are more important than where to study it and for how long. The best teachers are on the Internet. The best books are on the Internet. The best peers are on the Internet. The tools for learning are abundant. It’s the desire to learn that’s scarce.” - Naval Ravikant In this episode of Made You Think, Nat and Neil are joined by Eric Jorgenson. Eric is a writer, product strategist, and author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant. We cover a wide range of topics including: * How Eric came to the idea of writing The Almanack * What Eric's biggest lessons and takeaways were from authoring this book * What topics didn't end up making the final cut * The future of education and online courses * The idea of leverage and how it can be used And much more. If you haven't already, make sure to check out our last episode where we talked in great depth about The Almanack and discussed our key takeaways from the book. Let us know what you think of this episode by sending a tweet to Nat, Neil, and Eric! Links from the Episode Mentioned in the show * Previous MYT Episode (0:35) * Naval on Shane Parrish's podcast (2:27) * Readwise (10:30) * Bonus Section: Education (27:07) * Building a Second Brain (32:22) * Lambda School (32:55) * How To Think Like Elon Musk - Made You Think Episode (44:37) * SpaceX (45:40) Books Mentioned * The Almanack of Naval Ravikant * Debt: The First 5000 Years (11:23) * Infinite Jest (13:58) (Nat's Book Notes) (Book Episode pt. 1) (Book Episode pt. 2) * Vagabonding (52:02) (Nat's Book Notes) People Mentioned * Naval Ravikant * Trevor McKendrick (7:38) * Elon Musk (41:41) * Tim Ferriss (50:40) Show Notes: 0:52 - Eric Jorgenson, author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, shares how his idea of writing the book came to be. 5:35 - From the start, Eric knew he didn’t want it to just be a summary book. How he was able to hone in on the writing style of the book to capture the interest of his readers all the way through. 9:20 - Highlight density. Using highlight data to estimate book quality. Skipping chapters and not finishing books. 14:14 - Eric’s key takeaways from the book and what knowledge he has carried away from writing it. The importance of equity, accountability and leverage. We have the tendency to want to do everything ourselves rather than to create systems and put the pieces together. 19:04 - How Twitter and other social media usage affects mindset and energy. Discussions of Naval’s Twitter usage and utilizing it as an outlet for his unfiltered thoughts and ideas. 21:56 - What were the communication patterns between Naval and Eric during the creation of The Almanack? 24:05 - The variety and depth of Naval’s ideas. Eric allowed himself to take time to dive in and explore these topics to let them sink in before writing about it. 26:02 - One topic that didn’t make the final cut was Education. Naval has talked about the flaws within the education system as well as the future of education. If you’re curious to read more, you can find that here! The rise of online courses and the potential for digital course creators. When you’re learning locally, you have the best person in the area teaching you. When you’re learning on a platform that’s global, you’ll be learning from the best of the best, plus increased accessibility. 32:44 - The future of online learning and career preparation is promising. How will the online course market grow within the upcoming decades? Tiktok education in the format of 60 second videos shot from your phone. 37:45 - English as the language of business and the history of the qwerty keyboard. 40:50 - If Eric could write about another influencer of thought, who would it be? 42:10 - Elon Musk, PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX. Writing a biography about Elon Musk: he has a hefty list of accomplishments but his principles and concepts are timeless. 48:24 - What do we know about Naval’s relationships and family? His ideas and concepts are what he is widely known for, so not much is known about his personal life. 53:53 - Eric’s next steps includes creating a course to help build a framework on this idea of leverage that Naval often speaks about. 57:01 - Leverage can be utilized at a personal, managerial, and company level in many different ways. Productivity of a company is no longer about how many employees there are. People leverage. 1:01:59 - Pick up a copy of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant on Amazon, follow Eric on Twitter, visit navalmanack.com, and follow along with upcoming projects on Eric's website! If you enjoyed this episode, let us know by leaving a review on iTunes and tell a friend. As always, let us know if you have any book recommendations! Find us on Twitter @TheRealNeilS and @nateliason. The best way to stay up to date on future episodes and show updates is to join our email list at Made You Think Podcast. Check out ways you can support the show here!
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Future of Mobility
Future of Mobility
Brandon Bartneck
#34 – Greg Hunt | Lubrizol – Electric Propulsion, Corrosion, and Fluids
Greg Hunt is Senior Research Chemist for Strategic Research at the Lubrizol Corporation. Greg has a PhD in Chemistry from England’s 3rd oldest University - Durham University. He has published 18 research papers and has a handful of patents on corrosion. Additionally, Greg is Co-Inventor of the wire corrosion test. This discussion is centered on the role of fluids for electric vehicle propulsion systems, with a focus on the risks, causes, and mitigation of wire corrosion. This topic is critical as we look to improve efficiency and lifetime for electric vehicles. To address this issue, Lubrizol and FEV have collaborated to provide the innovative Wire Corrosion Test for anyone working in this field. This test is the first of its kind and is optimized to provide quick, quantitative feedback to assist in the development and validation of corrosion-resist fluids. Contact either Greg or Brandon through LinkedIn to learn more. https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregory-hunt-6a84ab28/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-lubrizol-corporation/ https://www.lubrizol.com/ The Future of Mobility podcast is focused on the development and implementation of safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility solutions, with a focus on the people and technology advancing these fields. https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandonbartneck/ http://brandonbartneck.com/futureofmobility/ Music credit: Slow Burn Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Badass Digital Nomads
Badass Digital Nomads
Kristin Wilson
Sailing the World With Sailing Ruby Rose
Nick Fabbri and Terysa Vanderloo of Sailing Ruby Rose are the first sailing couple to come on Badass Digital Nomads podcast! After leaving their careers as a dentist and a paramedic in London behind, Nick and Terysa set off to sail the world and never looked back. In this podcast, they share the details of their original plan and what they've learned from three years at sea. They talk about what happens after you've had enough sunsets and rum punches - and how they came to realize that they craved more connection, community, and mentally stimulating work to balance out their lifestyle of complete freedom. They also describe the many cool features of their boats, Ruby Rose and Ruby Rose 2, the highs and lows of living life on the sea, and the lessons they’ve learned while exploring the globe. They also talk about detoxing from social media, practicing mindfulness, and the courage it takes to step outside of your comfort zone, take risks, and learn new skills to support yourself from anywhere. If you’re interested in learning how to fund your travels while living on a boat full-time, you’ll certainly benefit from listening to this conversation with Nick and Terysa. As they say, life is about expressing yourself, sharing your story with the world, and connecting with others along the way! TOPICS DISCUSSED/WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: * Why Nick and Terysa were drawn to the sailing lifestyle. * How to overcome the lack of knowledge that holds people back from pursuing a nomadic lifestyle of full-time travel. * The benefits and challenges of living on a sailboat. * How society keeps us tethered to a certain work/life structure and what it takes to break free from the shackles of society. * The defining characteristics it takes to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks. * How to cope with experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness - even when you’re living a freedom lifestyle. * The importance of staying in a country long enough to establish a community or friend circle and learn the local culture. * What to do after the initial excitement of travel wears off. * How they learned how to make YouTube videos and how they come up with ideas for content. * Their candid thoughts on quality vs. quantity when it comes to content creation. * Why they transitioned from a monohull to a catamaran. * Where they’ve sailed so far and where they plan to travel next. * Which countries have the cheapest mobile internet. * The near-death experience Kristin had on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico. QUESTIONS ANSWERED: * Why did you decide to quit your jobs to travel? * How do you deal with being far away from friends and family? * How did you learn your creative skills, like writing and making videos? * How do you support yourselves financially? * How do you find fast enough WiFi to work remotely from a boat? * What advice would you give your past selves ten years ago? * And much more! RESOURCES * Get your first international transfer up to £500 for Free with a TransferWise borderless bank account * Book: The Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer * Book: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron * Documentary: The Social Dilemma * Podcast: Interview with Surf Photographer, Jimmy Wilson * MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Branch) * Curve of Cultural Adaptation * Starlink (Internet by Elon Musk) * GoogleFi WiFi * Dopamine Detox Video RUBY ROSE SAILING VIDEOS: * Seawind Catamaran Review Video * Catamaran Design Playlist CONNECT WITH SAILING RUBY ROSE: * Follow Nick and Terysa on YouTube * Sailing Ruby Rose Website * Sailing Ruby Rose Patreon * Sailing Ruby Rose Instagram ....................................................................................................... Thank you to my 2021 Patrons! Teklordz, Trader Walt, Shawn, Karen, Christine, Erik, Heather, Colin, Craig, RZ, Timothy, James, Richard, Fred, Lakshay, Issac, George, Scott, and Michael. My goal is to create a community of 100 Patrons in 2021. You can become a Patron for $5/month at Patreon.com/travelingwithkristin and see all my YouTube videos first, attend monthly live streams, submit questions for the podcast, and be the first to find out about special offers and guests, as well as the chance to participate in beta programs at free or discounted rates. ....................................................................................................... Support the Badass Digital Nomads Podcast: * Become a Patron for $5 per month * Leave a 5* Review: https://lovethepodcast.com/digitalnomad * Buy Official Merch * More Episodes: www.badassdigitalnomads.com Connect with Kristin on Social Media: * Follow on Instagram * Subscribe to Traveling with Kristin on YouTube * Subscribe to Digital Nomad TV on YouTube * Join the Badass Digital Nomads Facebook Group Podcast descriptions may contain affiliate links of products and services we use and recommend at no additional cost to you.
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Gemba Academy Podcast: Lean Manufacturing | Lean Office | Six Sigma | Toyota Kata | Productivity | Leadership
Gemba Academy Podcast: Lean Manufacturing | Lean Office | Six Sigma | Toyota Kata | Productivity | Leadership
Ron Pereira: Lean Thinker & Co-Founder of Gemba Academy
GA 354 | Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap with Patrick Adams
This week's guest is Patrick Adams. Patrick recently released a new book all about the concept of "continuous appearance." He explained what it can mean for your organization and its culture, and how it can be prevented. A MP3 audio version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode you'll learn:  The quote that inspires Patrick (4:43) Patrick's background (5:22) Misconceptions about lean (7:39) About Patrick's new book Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap (9:33) Why companies are falling into the trap (14:20) How to prevent a culture of continuous appearance (16:39) The twelve questions that determine culture (21:05) More about question one (25:56) Podcast Resources Right Click to Download this Podcast as an MP3 Download a Free Audio Book at Audible.com Patrick's Website Patrick on LinkedIn Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap on Amazon Subscribe & Never Miss New Episodes! Click to Subscribe in iTunes If you enjoyed this podcast please be sure to subscribe on iTunes. Once you're a subscriber all new episodes will be downloaded to your iTunes account and smartphone. The easiest way for iPhone users to listen to the show is via the free, and incredible, Podcast app.  NEW! You can now follow the podcast on Spotify here.  You can also subscribe via Stitcher which is definitely Android friendly. What Do You Think? Have you ever noticed any signs of "continuous appearance" on your lean journey?
32 min
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