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Episode 38 - Interview with Rebeca Segura
Jun 2, 2020 · 23 min
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Rebeca Segura is an artist born and currently residing in Mexico. The landscape of her color palette and its combination on canvas is largely influenced by the colors of the city she has been residing in for over thirteen years, Chiapas, Mexico.

At the beginning of her artistic career, Rebeca painted what her eyes saw. Today, she paints what her soul feels. Her work is formed by layers and like life itself, each piece is an experience with distinct taste, color, and texture, similar to how our souls lie in each experience. Rebeca is captivated by documenting time through the use of collage and abstraction. She concentrates on expressing the radiography of our contemporary world while fusing it with ancestral wisdom that is inspired by Celtic symbols, Latin phrases, or poems written in Tzotzil. All of these ideas are mixed with materials such as mirrors, paper, natural resins, and woven wool; resulting in work that is loaded with energy and embody concepts from years past as well as the present day.

Rebeca’s works have been exhibited in group and solo shows in Mexico, U.S., and Europe, and featured in numerous magazines and publications.

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